The “Three Word” horse show – Embarrassing – Part 2

So I was driving through the field and had made it half way in. There was some hay on the ground, etc so I was trying to avoid it the best I could…but the hay spot was pretty big. So I tried to speed up my rig hoping that a little speed would carry me though. I made it about half through the hay spot before my truck slowed to an almost stop. Not wanting to be jerky to the mare I gently eased on the gas. As soon as I did that my truck started to move…sideways.

Everyone was still by their trailers so they could see me start to slip and slide out of control. I quickly tried to rock back and forward again but it was too late. I was stuck. The OGD was looking concerned so I tried not to freak out about it. I mean, people don’t get stuck forever right? So I had a brilliant idea…what id I just unloaded TM and tried again? Maybe loosing that extra weight would be enough. I knew better than to dig myself in to a hole so I was really not that far gone yet.

So, I had clearly made a grand entrance at that point. I was literally stuck dead in the middle of the field with all eyes on me as people were getting their horses ready. In fact, I had made such an entrance that the farm owner came over to see what the heck was going on. At the same time a string of three trailers had come by and had to turn around since they were now afraid of getting stuck as well.

Did I mention that getting stuck is one of my biggest fears about driving a trailer? At this point I was in full on public humiliation and hating it. What was worse was now I had to unload my green horse and the only person I had to give her to was a 9 year old. Can we say “bad idea” all together now? Without much of a choice I took TM off the trailer and gave her away. The poor kid was scared…and so was my horse. I sent them off to graze close by with the instructions that if TM got scary to just drop the line and get away. I am such a good chaperon right?

So at this point I am FREAKING OUT. My trailer is STUCK and I have a 9 year old holding a GREEN horse. I am trying to stay calm on the outside, but in my head it was just swear word after swear word. The Farm Owner for the show grounds was great. He really saved me from panic attack that I was going to have. We put our minds to work and with the help of his tractor and unhooking my trailer I eventually was freed. The whole time that I was doing this I was looking over to watch TM and the OGD. TM was just walking in circle around the kid, but on a scale of how badly she could have been I was pretty proud of the two of them just circling close by. It had taken over 20 minutes to get my trailer unstuck so I had 5 minutes to register for my first class. I asked the OGD to watch TM for another minute so I could enter.

I entered for 8 classes. That entry form was the stuff that dreams are made of (or at least my dreams). I was doing every English class I could that was just walk and trot. I had just enough time to run back to the trailer and put my boots and helmet on before they did the final call for my first class.

To Be Continued…


6 thoughts on “The “Three Word” horse show – Embarrassing – Part 2

  1. Getting stuck in both mud and places I can’t get out of with my 36 foot trailer are my middle name. EVERYONE gets stuck sooner or later. A few weeks ago we were on our way to pick up a new boarder horse and the kids wanted ice cream. I followed the barn owner into the Dairy Queen parking lot with a bumper pull bopping along behind me when I realized that it was one long skinny drive with parking on either side, nowhere to turn around and a big party of classic car buffs hanging out in the back on the grass. An old black guy walked up to my truck laughing and says, “You is stuck!” He made a bunch of people move their classic cars parked on the grass so I could drive back there and turn around!! I only had an audience of about…a hundred or so! Another time at a show I needed to back into a spot that was fairly narrow and I’m not so good at the backing up thing. I didn’t even try. Jumped out and grabbed the guy with the trailer parked next to where I needed to be and told him he could either park my trailer for me or risk me hitting his very nice rig. I have no pride!!

  2. That’s not embarrassing. Everyone gets stuck. Obviously they knew it was wet there and they should have not allowed anyone to park there. A cone would have been nice.

  3. Please darling, in your next truck, make sure you have 4WD. That said, people get stuck all the time. No biggie. Though I totally feel you, I would have been pretty embarrassed too….

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