Three Words To Describe My Time At The Show Today

1) Frustrating

2) Embarrassing

3) Discouraging


Not good considering my normal words are Fun, Happy, and Rewarding…


7 thoughts on “Three Words To Describe My Time At The Show Today

  1. Don’t feel badly–we’ve ALL been there. I’ve been to shows where I figure at the end of it all, I’ve just paid a humongous bunch of money and gone to a lot of trouble to “gussy up” the horse and me just to ride in someone else’s court and have “eyes on the ground.”

    It’s kind of like a lesson except you don’t get to hear how you’ve done until it’s over.

    Hang in there. There’s always the next show–and nowhere to go but up ;o)

  2. Oh boy. This sounds like a doozy of a story coming up. Any chance it will be one you can laugh about in a few years? Open shows are notorious for being ego killers. You can win all blues one show and the very next one not even place and especially with a horse that isn’t dead broke. You have my empathy. Been there done that!

  3. I’m sorry but realistically, did you really think she was ready? A horse show is a VERY stressful environment. Lots of new horses, a strange place, having to be trailered when she’s not good at it. All of these things were things she hadn’t seen in a long time if ever. Take it as a learning experience and move on.

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