Ummm…hello tack store? Anyone there?

So remember my crazy idea about getting my saddle fit? Well I guess it was not meant to be because the tack store never contacted me to say that it was done. So now I am stuck. I have a horse show tomorrow and a saddle that is 40 minutes away and it still is not close to fitting the mare. I think that I am going to have to just go and pick up the saddle today. I am pretty annoyed by the fact that when I dropped it off they promised it would be done by last Wednesday. I told them I had a show tomorrow and I needed to ride in my saddle to see how close “factory fit” was to fitting the mare.

So I really don’t think that I can show English classes in a western saddle. And there is no way that the mare could do western classes right now with her go, go, go attitude. So now I think that I am going to have to try and pad up my dressage saddle and make it work. I am NOT happy about that. This could be my only show all year or I wouldn’t even push it. I am so frustrated right now!


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