Gen’s Feet Stress Me Out

So Gen just got trimmed two weeks ago. As I have been complaining about incessantly, his feet suck right now.  I wanted to put glue on shoes on, but the trimmer thought it was best to leave Gen barefoot. I am trying to trust my new foot care provider, but it is hard! Gen’s feet look like crap right now. He has ripped away so much of his foot that I am stressing yet again. The worst part is that Gen’s hoof care provider is on vacation. I think that mentally I could handle having such little foot if I could get someone else to reassure me that it really isn’t that bad. His back feet look amazing…I hate that his front feet look like crap!



5 thoughts on “Gen’s Feet Stress Me Out

  1. Trust the trimmer. He IS amazing. 🙂

    Remember that he did for Willie’s feet what 7 hoofcare providers before him could not…

    It does take a little time to transition. I know it’s hard, but hang in for a little while longer!

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