I’m a big girl now… – Part 1

So I must say that I am very proud of myself and of The Mare right now. We both survived trailering over to my trainers for a lesson! Yay! Let me start from the beginning…

My day on Saturday started out with trailer maintenance stuff because I had not used my trailer in 8 months! How depressing is that?!?! I must say, I am glad that I had the 10 min drive from Gen’s to The Mare’s to remind myself about driving with a trailer. The first few stops were a little sudden! By the time I drove in to the driveway at The Mare’s I was already feeling like and old pro again. I even backed the trailer towards the barn.

The Owner of the farm where the Mare Lives (what is a good nickname or acronym for her?) was there when I arrived so I finally got to hear the whole story about how she got her. The Mare was rescued with many other horses, all of then starving to death. It was so crazy to hear about how thin she was because she is such a chub these days! I also heard about how the last time they tried to take her anywhere was years ago and she took off at the show and ran home on her own…yikes! After cleaning her up and packing the trailer it came time for the moment of truth…seeing if she would load…

I had expected to be alone at the barn so I was already feeling good knowing that I had someone there to help me if needed. The owner of the farm where the Mare lives (oh and sidebar, I found that she owns the mare not her daughter) gave me some space  to try my loading method. Low and behold after a few minutes I got her on the trailer!  Yay! Being alone though I  tried to walk back to put up the butt bar, but as soon as I wasn’t near her head she backed off the trailer.  We did this four more times in the span of just under 20 minutes before I called out for help.

I know that everyone has a trailer loading method, but I really like mine! Not that the mare was being difficult, she just hadn’t been on a trailer in years and years so she didn’t want to get on. It look another 5 minuets to get her on again but this time the farm owner where the Mare lives was there to put the butt bar up.  As soon as she was in the trailer she started screaming. She has a pasture mate that she is with 24/7 who was already stressed so hearing the two of them yell was very stressful. I was hoping that she would calm down once she was alone so I hurried up and got in the truck and was on my way.

I love having a trailer with a front window because I could look back the whole ride and watch The Mare in the trailer. She started off the ride still screaming as we went down the road and rocking sideways in the trailer. I went slow and had my truck window down so I could talk to her as we went along. The drive to my trainers is only 15 min but as we got close to the barn she finally started to settle and stand up in the trailer. By the time we turned on to the  road my trainers barn was on she had settled more than Gen ever did on a trailer. I had already considered the day a win as I pulled into the driveway…

To Be Continued…


4 thoughts on “I’m a big girl now… – Part 1

  1. I think mare’s are so sensible, she knew she was out of range for any more calling to her buddy so she stopped. Sounds like you have a good loading method and should share it with everyone. Hope you had a great lesson. I really like this mare, wish you could adopt her she seems like a good horse.

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