Eye’s on the ground…

So the last time I had a lesson was months ago. It was the day I had the total melt down on the SchoolMaster. I know that a lot of people think that a lesson every week is excessive, but I like having lessons. I think that people who don’t take them are weird. So for almost two months now I have been riding The Mare (who needs a better blog name) getting her back in to shape. She is still not where I want her to be fitness wise, but she is getting there. At least she can be ridden for an hour now like a normal horse.

Over the past two months I feel like my equitation has been sliding, which is extra bad because it was never very good to begin with! We are also having major issues at the canter still. She will pick it up and go along okay, but I am having a really hard time getting her to slow down afterwards. We just have a lot to work on. With the fun show only 10 days away (not that I am counting or anything :P) I think it is time to get some outside help with my riding.

So I have decided to trailer up to my trainers for a lesson. I am getting wiser as I get older and I figured out it was a good idea to see if A) She trailers B) How she trailers and C) to see how she is off the property prior to a show. I know, I am turning in to a smart cookie! I will be going alone so I am hoping that trailering is not an issue. Lucky for me, Gen was the first horse I trailered so I have lots of experience with difficult horses. Plus it is just for a lesson so worse case scenario I can’t get her on all alone I will know to try and see if I can get someone to help me the following week. It is so funny how time changes things. Two years ago the thought of trailering in for a lesson was such a big deal to me. Now it is something I am hoping to do every month.

I guess I found an upside of Gen’s retirement…I have no trailered so many different horses that I feel comfortable doing it all by myself. I have to thank X for that! He taught me how horses should behave trailering and Phoenix taught me that my attitude and approach can work in teaching a horse to self load like a pro. I just can’t wait to steal some time in the wash stall at my trainers and give my pretty girl a good bath!!!


6 thoughts on “Eye’s on the ground…

  1. I love lessons. When I can afford it I take lessons once a week. When I teach I find that when people take lessons on a schedule it is easier for me to move them forward.
    Have fun with your lesson, I bet it all goes fine.

  2. Smart move on finding out about the trailering situation now rather than the morning of the show! I’m amazed at how many people don’t ever think about working with their horse on trailering before they have to do it. We board in a pretty big barn and occasionally I get called to help trailer in a new horse since I have a big 3 horse slant load with a ramp. I can’t tell you how many times we get there and the horse won’t load and the owner admits she hasn’t trailered the horse in years or sometimes ever. When I help out like this I don’t ask for much money over the gas used but it sure does annoy me when I end up sitting around forever waiting for them to get their horse loaded or working my *ss off helping. So GOOD FOR YOU for practicing in advance with the mare (and yes, you do need a new name!).

    And good on you too for knowing when to seek help and go for a lesson. I haven’t been commenting much lately but I HAVE been reading…busy season with shows and motocross.

  3. I trailer for lessons every weekend… I actually think it’s kind of fun! And, I’ve gotten really good at backing the trailer into its parking spot. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how the mare does! (And yes, she needs a better blog name).

  4. My trainer works out of the barn I board at, so luckily I don’t have to go anywhere, but I have a lesson at least once a week. For the summer, I’m trying to keep 3 30-minute lessons per week to try to improve the most while the weather is beautiful. I also find at least a lesson per week keeps me accountable in my schooling (so I don’t get lazy) and keeps our improvement steady.

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