A crazy idea…

Things are going well with the mare these days…most of the time. Today I had a crappy ride, but this was the first one in a while. The worst thing is that I am still riding in that western saddle. The canter work is where the real issue lies now. I just don’t feel like I can sit in that tiny saddle and canter which means that we have not gotten any better at all with it. The canter now is just as bad as it was two weeks ago.

With no Wintec saddles coming up on any of the sale sites and the fact that I just can’t afford a new one (for those of you who are not facebook fans, I had to cancel the order for the new saddle that I made a few weeks back because they said that saddles were not on sale after all) I am doing something crazy. I just dropped my saddle off at the local dressage tack store (you know you live in a horsey area when…you have separate tack stores for each discipline). Why you ask? Well after talking to the local tack store owner at the Memorial Day show about buying a cheap wintec saddle she had a thought…

What if I just put my saddle back close to a normal setting? Sure, it wont fit every horse, but it will be a lot closer to fitting most horses than it is now. I can pad it up to working with a lot more horses than is possible at the moment. Phoenix was a pretty special boy so I was just lucky that my saddle sort of fit the SchoolMaster. Now that I am back to catch riding I need my saddle to be able to fit most horses. I am hoping that it might fit my Mare…especially since (drum roll please) I get to bring her to a local fun show in two weeks before camp. YAY!!!!!!!

So I know that I am taking a total risk in getting my saddle adjusted yet again. I think not doing it to a horse might be helpful this time around. It seems so crazy to drop my saddle off somewhere to get it fitted, but what is life without taking chances right? Plus the price is totally right this time around! Fingers crossed that my gamble pays off!


4 thoughts on “A crazy idea…

  1. I think that sounds like a great idea!

    My saddle is a wide or medium wide (I forget… will have to look when I get it out tonight!). It happens to be one of those generic middle of the road saddles which fits most horses.

    When I got my horse I was borrowing a saddle which didn’t fit that well. First time I tried this saddle on him, all of a sudden I could sit his trot and he was freer in his back and shoulder. He’s a 16.3hh OTTB. The woman I got it from was using it on a 15.2hh draft-cross. I have used it on a 14hh pony. And it fits my 15hh Friesian/Andalusian cross even better than my TB. I have to use a half pad on him, and could ride without a pad on her it’s so perfect.

    TB in the saddle: (And OMG – weird seeing him with no topline! That half pad is now far too thick for use w/ the saddle. Then again, at this point we were just trying to get his nose off his chest as a main goal, so…)

    Friesian cross: http://www.flickr.com/photos/netg15/5073292466/in/set-72157623599754848

    Draft cross in it as a baby – she outgrew it abuot 6 months later as a 4 year old.

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