Happy Helmet Awareness Day

So the riders4helmets campaign is at it again! Today is the second Helmet Awareness Day and I must say, it looks to be getting better each and every year! Check out all of these retailers that are participating this year! I am still looking for that used wintec saddle so I think I might drop by my local tack store (which is participating) and see if I can’t find myself a properly fitting show helmet.

As you all know, I am a total helmet wearer. I know that they are not cool. I know that they are not comfortable when it gets super hot outside, but I also know that my brain is worth it. If I fall off and hurt my head with a helmet on at least I can say that I tried to be as safe as possible. I would never want to be a burden on my friends and family so anything I can do to prevent harm to myself I am going to do. I know that helmets in general are much more accepted in my neck of the woods than out west but let me tell you that even with everything going on with Courtney Dye helmets are still not the norm in dressage. I have faith that in 10 years they will be, but for now I am just going to have to be different because I want to wear a helmet.

The most important part about a helmet is that it fits! If you wear a helmet everyday but it does not fit it could actually do you harm. It is also very uncomfortable! If you are suffering with a poorly fitting helmet spoil yourself today and get a new one! With the discount you can get my favorite schooling helmet (the Toxel Legacy Gold) for under $50! And isn’t your brain worth $50?

Not sure if you helmet is a good fit? Check out the video below that I made a few years ago and see if that helps.


2 thoughts on “Happy Helmet Awareness Day

  1. We are total helmet wearers at our house. Have had (and seen) enough falls to know it pays to always wear one! I find the Troxels do not fit any of us. The Tipperary Sportage fits me and my daughter the best. While hubby wears a GPA. I can say that most endurance riders wear helmets. Great video!

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