Horse World Gives Back Retail Day

So I know that you all don’t need any encouragement to spend money, but I figured I would take some time out and point out some of the adorable things I found at some of the sites participating in the Retail Day!

So I think that you all need to check out these adorable color padded leather halters over at Personalized Horse Products. I think that every horse needs a nice halter (even horses who don’t show should feel special) and these look amazing! Times like these make me wish I had a second horse! If I could afford it at the moment I would buy the mare the super cute black with pink padded leather halter with her name on it just because it is so adorable. For those of you who are new horse owners, or for those of you have a birthday coming up (your own or your horses) I think that this could be the best $99 you spend this year…plus you are giving to charity so really…it is practically a donation 😛

Not in the market for a halter? How about a beautiful custom saddle pad! For only $64 at The Horse Depot you can create the saddle pad of your dreams! We are not just talking colors either…you can even get it embroidered with your monogram or your horses breed logo at no charge. If I were still showing Gen I would go with a black saddle pad, grey for the pipping and a red trim. If the mare were mine and we got to show I would stick with a white pad and add a royal trim and navy pipping to match the blue brow band I use on her. The possibilities are endless! With 5% going to a good cause I think you should all consider splurging…a person can never have too many saddle pads right?

Am I being a little rich for your blood? Fear not…You should check out Koper Equine and get yourself some dot fasteners. At $2 a pop for the colored (and under $4 for the sparkley kind) you can spend a little to make your tack totally your own!

I hope I inspired you all to take a few minutes and check out all of the great retailers that are participating in the Horse World Gives back! I only spend a very small amount of time at just these three sites and I will able to easily find some cute things! I bet if I went through the whole list that I would find a alot of cute must haves on there! Do me a favor and if you are going to order something soon anyway, try and place the order today to help out with this fundraiser. With the wild fires as bad as they are in Arizona (my uncle and his horses are okay at the moment) I have a feeling there will be more people to give too then any of us even realize at the moment…


4 thoughts on “Horse World Gives Back Retail Day

  1. Love the halters! The lime green one has Ace’s name on it – except he doesn’t need any more “good” halters – needs every day ones for turnout. This same site has nylon safety halters with nameplates included – so I might just get one of those for Ace (also in lime green!).

  2. Darnit!

    I want a black halter with hunter padding. I was hopeful from the pic… followed the link, and sure enough – you can only get the green with havana. It’s pretty, but if I’m going to spend on a leather halter I think I should hold off to get the one I want!

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