How can I worry about a hoof when so many people lost so much?

So Gen is trying to kill me with his hoof issues. He tossed his hoof cast on Friday morning and so now not only is there a chip in the front of his hoof but with him being him he started to get a chip on the side as well. Sometimes I wonder why I have a horse because my little bugger really can add some stress in my life. Then I am reminded that things could be worse…much worse.

Having lived through a tornado myself I can tell you that they are NOT FUN. I have often thought about tornado proof barns and what I would do if I were ever to move to a tornado heavy area. I am totally fascinated by extreme weather, but in watching shows like Storm Chasers you will often see that farms are usually the worse hit when a tornado touches down. As you all know, this year is one of the worst on record for tornadoes.Add to that the extreme floods and a lot of our fellow horsemen are in need of our help right now.

Horses in the morning
has decided to do something to help those in need. Tomorrow, Monday June 6th they are having a radiothon. It is from 6-9pm eastern time and I hope that if you can help you will choose to do so. Not sure if you are going to be around on Monday night? You can still help out!!! Horses in the morning has worked with a TON of retailers to get them to donate 5% of their sales on Tuesday, June 7th to the cause! I know that Gen could use some more fly spray and at about $70 a gallon it would be nice to help a good cause getting something I need to buy anyway. I hope that you all help out if you can because regardless of what breed you love or what saddle you ride in we are all horse people and we should stick together!!!


2 thoughts on “How can I worry about a hoof when so many people lost so much?

  1. You and I used to email occasionally…. I need a little help. I *think* you live in the same area that I just moved to and I need some help finding a facilty. Would you be so kind as to email me?


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