Not Exactly World Class, But Still Fun To Watch

So this past weekend was the big Memorial Day Show in my area. That marks one year since I rode my fat spotted pony (for those of you new to my blog my last consistent ride was a young Appy that I took out recognized last year). I was feeling a little sentimental about the show but since the Youth Committee had a thing I knew I would head down and watch some of the rides. They were trying something new this year. Instead of running it like just any other show, they were trying very hard to be spectator friendly. Helped along was the fact that lots and lots of big names were in town for the show since it was a Pan Am qualifier so it became a big deal show. On Saturday afternoon I, along with about 60 other people got to watch some of the best dressage riders in the country (and world). It was great to see people from the public, fellow competitors and local dressage rides all get together and enjoy some wine while watching dressage. I must admit that it got an even better turnout than the festival of champions can get sometimes.

The tag line for the show was “Watch world class dressage close to home”. Well, I didn’t get to see many of the riders who were hoping for the Pan Am games, but I did get to watch the Grand Prix rides and I must say…they were not exactly world class. Even my current favorite rider/horse combo of Ashley Holzer and Pop Art were having a rough go of it. Lucky for you I had some battery left in my camera so I was able to record three of the rides. They are not exactly works of art, but hey, it was only May after all. Besides, it makes Grand Prix seem more real when there are a few mistakes along the way. So without further ado enjoy three musical freestyles from my local horse show…


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