I think my horse enjoy’s torturing me…

It makes me wish I had signed his foot cast...

My horse used to have THE BEST FEET. He was barefoot and happily so for years and years. When my Farrier went MIA a few years ago and Gen went months and months between trims his feet suffered a lot…and I swear they have not been the same since. I have been fighting against his feet for a long time, and it was just not getting better. Over the winter I went back to an equine podiatrist (EP) I had tried a few years ago (whom Gen had tried to kill) and he took one look at Gen’s feet and said the one thing that no horse owner wants to hear…it was going to take time to fix all the issues he had. On Easter I got called to the barn during dinner because Gen trashed the foot on his bad leg. The EP came out the next day and put on hoof casts. He said that normal horses will keep them on for 2 weeks, but if by some miracle he still had them on in 4 I should call him to get them taken off.

Well, not only did they last 4 weeks, but his foot GREW. On Monday I called the EP to come out. We set an appointment later in this week. Well, Gen has grown to love his EP and clearly wanted to see him sooner.


That is what I saw today. Yeah, it’s bad.

Those of you who are new to my blog, Gen is not a hot weather horse. And by that I mean any time it is sunny and above 70 degrees he is not a happy camper. Today it was in the 80s and blazing. Clearly Gen had been running around his field today because he got off BOTH hoof casts. Sigh. When the barn owner came down and saw the foot she just said, “Gen, why must you always cause trouble”. I don’t think he meant to hurt himself that badly, but as we all know, feet are CRITICAL to a healthy horse. I called my EP and luckily he was in the area so 15 min after I took that video of him running to see me I had help on the way.

After talking over the options we decided that the best thing to do was re-wrap him, but this time for only 2 weeks. Hopefully he can grow enough foot in that time that it wont break open again.

So Gen got an afternoon spent being pampered and even better I didn’t have time to ride which made him extra happy…he hates it when I spend time with any horse that is not HIM! Fingers crossed that his feet wont look so scary in 2 weeks.


4 thoughts on “I think my horse enjoy’s torturing me…

  1. Just look at all that healthy new growth from the hairline down OTB! You are on the right track– it might look worse before it gets better, but you ARE going to see Gen with wonderful hooves again. And look at that FROG!!!!! OooooeeeeeeeEEEE that is a nice frog!!!

    Smooch that handsome mug from me. Tell him he is doing a good job growing some nice looking foot up there and to keep it up.

    (And yes, it is AWESOME how he adores you!! Isnt that THE BEST feeling in the Universe??!!)

  2. Listen to Mrs. Mom. She’s never steered me wrong. Heck, she even found my current farrier for me when we moved to Atlanta. (I’d rather it be Mrs Mom, but she’s 5 hours away. So, that doesn’t work!)

  3. I think Gen just wants to make sure that you have to pay LOTS of attention to him. His new hoof growth looks great. And yes-I think he adores you! 🙂

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