“He Adores You”

No, unfortunately that quote was not in reference to a nice man (who knew it would be so hard to find a chubby, bald man with facial hair that has a heart of gold), but rather the line was uttered to me on Saturday night about my horse.

My friend with the horse I was supposed to borrow for the show and Marissa had me over for cocktails to cheer me up. It was a very fun night and they said the nicest thing to me which is still making me smile all these days later.

They said that Gen adores me 🙂

I know that I adore my pony, but I don’t always think about him feeling the same way about me.

Sure, he comes running over when I call, and yes, he loves his Mommy, but he lived for me when I first got him and now it is just not the same. He even lets other people give him smooches. He used to hurt himself when I would go away for a long weekend, but now he is a happy boy in general (haha…General is happy in general) so I forget that we still have a very special relationship. I sometimes take it for granted that my horse actually likes me back.

In fact, if they hadn’t pointed it out to me I wouldn’t be writing this post at all. I expect my horse to love me. I don’t expect him to be all cuddle bug and sweet everyday (actually, I kind of do, but I don’t want to admit that), I mean, he does have his own life and personality, but I do expect him to want to be with me. Most horse owners love their horses, but I really have not seen a whole ton where the admiration is mutual. I feel lucky to have that most days.

Gen is without a doubt my horse of a lifetime. He is perfect for me. His gaits match mine perfectly. When I could ride him it was the perfect fit. His walk is my walk so when we go for our walks in hand it is a perfect match. His personality is just the right mix of stubborn, know it all, and baby for me. When Gen panics and no one else can calm him down, I can. He listens to me and he trusts me. I don’t know if I would use the adore, but I will say that my horse knows that I am his human and that is enough to keep me happy!


4 thoughts on ““He Adores You”

  1. I agree with Marissa – awwwww! Glad we could cheer you up a bit, but it’s so true! I am almost jealous of your relationship with him 😮

    PS: Boomer is once again healthy as a horse (haha) so you’ll have to let us know when the next horse show is!

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