So I can now say that I have attended a 2 star event.

So this past weekend I did it. I volunteered at an event…and you know what? I actually liked it! Let me start at the beginning of the story. You see, this story starts at 3:45am. I ended up pet sitting at the barn where Gen lives last minute. The barn owner had tried to get someone to do the stalls during the day, but she did not have any luck. In order to feed, turnout and get the stalls done in time I had to wake up early…very early.

When I went to give the horses grain they all just looked at me like I was crazy. In fact, I don’t think a single horse went to eat when they got grain…they just stood there blinking as though they were dreaming my existence in to being because they were hungry. Eventually they woke up enough to sleepily eat their grain (normally I give hay before grain to wake up their tummies, but at that hour in the morning all of the horses still had hay in their bellies from night check still).

I was actually ON TIME driving the driveway. I didn’t have time to clean the barn aisle, but at least the ponies had nice clean stalls waiting for them and the birds, dogs and cats were all fed watered and happy. As I drove down the driveway I felt like my day was half over…not a good sign since I had at least 10 hour of volunteering to go and a nice long drive to the horse park. I made it to volunteer check in at 6:55, 5 minutes before we were supposed to get there. I was so proud of myself for being such a good planner that I had a big grin on my face as I went to check in.

Very quickly that grin slipped off though because when I went to get my assignment there was a problem…they didn’t have one. I knew NowThatsATrot (NTAT) was coming so I told the volunteer person that I would hang around for a bit to talk to a friend and if they needed me just to let me know. So there I sat, surrounded by 50 people, not a single of which I knew (so weird at a horsey event!) not sure if I had just woken up before 4am for no reason thinking that clearly Eventing was not for me if I couldn’t even help out at an event 😛

When NTAT showed up she talked to the volunteer person and I got assigned the jump of a person who didn’t show up! But after a few more minutes they did show up. So they gave me another jump of a different person…but then they showed up too. So as I was listening to the training session the volunteer person came up to me again and apologized. Turns out that I was indeed on the volunteering list after all. I was down to be the backup finish timer. I had no idea that that meant, but it sounded much safer than being a jump judge so I was all in!

To Be Continued…


5 thoughts on “So I can now say that I have attended a 2 star event.

  1. I’ve volunteered for enough shows to know that very often it’s “hurry up and wait” and the initial job assignment can change quickly due to other people’s schedules (and their ability to set the alarm or read the calendar or a road map. Haven’t noticed that GPS has made them any better at getting to the showgrounds ;o) Can’t wait to hear more about your “Two Star Adventure”!

  2. There are not many other sports where you are not totally pissed off to be getting up so early in the morning. But isn’t it funny, regardless of whether we ride dressage, jumping, eventing, Western, or Saddleseat, we all have a story that involves feeding and cleaning up after animals really really early, on a weekend, no less!

  3. It sounds like someone at the event needed better organizational skills. 🙂 I would think they’d be THRILLED that you showed up on time to volunteer! I hope your day went well.

  4. I didn’t even know you could volunteer for stuff like that, though I suppose it should’ve occurred to me! 😀 I’ve never been to an actual event, but I love watching it… I live in cowboy country and it’s mostly just rodeo around here, which isn’t always pleasant to watch, though I do tend to end up with some stunning photographs.

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