I am ready to jump judge!

So thank you all for making me feel better about being a jump judge Saturday. I am actually looking forward to it now. I think I am properly prepared. There is a 30% chance of showers for most of the day with temps in the mid 60s.

I am going to bring a folding chair and a cooler with some fruit in it and an ice pack that way I can keep my lunch cold and keep food near me the whole time. I will also make sure to bring a bottle of water because I can get dehydrated in no time flat. I think that will help me from getting a headache 🙂

As far as dress goes I am planning on wearing rubber boots, jeans a t-shirt and a north face fleece. I will have a baseball hat with me in case the sun comes out. I figured that with the jeans I could roll the up if it is hot and with the t-shirt I can roll up the sleeves or keep the fleece on depending on the weather. I will make sure to keep my cell phone and chap stick in my pocket (sad that those are the two things I cannot live without).

Am I missing anything else that you all can think of? I want to be just as happy at the end of my 10 hour jump judging gig as  I was at the start!

If anyone is going to watch make sure you come over and say hi to me! I can assure you that I will be around all day tomorrow.

I can’t wait to go to a real event…this is going to be so cool!


10 thoughts on “I am ready to jump judge!

  1. I’m quite sure anything you need in the way of water will be available from one of the many people supervising what is going on.

    Bug repellent?

  2. Like mentioned above, be sure to bring & use bug repellant & sunscreen. Also, a note book is helpful for plotting out any questionable rides/lines to show the TD if you or a rider later on have questions. Bring a few extra pens, including ones that don’t run when the ink gets wet. Finally, bring lots of extra kleenex and/or a roll of toilet paper – ya never know! Extra socks (non-cotton types) wouldn’t hurt either.

    Have fun and report back!

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