Day Twenty Eight: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Eight: Helmet or no helmet?


My blog is not a place for controversy though and so I try and stay away from hot button topics like helmets. I find that people don’t really listen very well when it comes to helmet discussions because they feel so strongly one way or the other. I have only written about helmets once so if you want to know what I think you can read all about my helmet thoughts on this post that I wrote after the Courtney Dye accident (she wants to be know as Courtney Dye…just one fun fact I learned after listening to her on Dressage Radio).


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Eight: 30 Day Challenge

  1. Helmet here, too. I think the reason a lot of people don’t like helmets is due to improper fit. I had a white one I bought from a catalog, correct size, etc., and it did not fit at all. It kept tilting back and I couldn’t get the harness adjusted so I didn’t have about 8 inches of “extra”–and when the helmet tilted, the chin strap choked me. I read an article that said if the harness is adjusted properly, you don’t have all that extra, but I couldn’t figure out how to re-work it so the harness held everything together.

    Happiest day of my life was when I came off the horse. That meant I could throw that damned helmet away. ;o)

    I currently have an Ovation that is very nice. Good price, it fits and is comfortable. Stays in place.

    My attitude about helmets in general: Every ride, every time.

  2. Several years ago, while trail riding, I watched my ten-year old daughter come off a horse and her head JUST missed a huge rock. I was SO glad I always insisted on a helmet. Even my big tough husband wears one now. You just never know what can happen. Finding one that fits correctly is key.

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