Day Twenty Seven: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Seven: You know you are an equestrian when (list 5 things).

1) You don’t think twice running errands in town while wearing skin tight pants and a shirt filled with slobber.

2) You cluck at slow moving obstacles (I have accidentally clucked at people in addition to cars, trains and bicyclist)

3) You keep a lead rope in your car just in case you ever run across a stray horse.

4) You admire other peoples fencing.

5) You are willing to spend $300 on a state of the art shoes for your horse that will be taken off in three weeks yet you refuse to spend more than $40 on a pair of shoes for yourself.

I had a hard time coming up with these! Do you have any you want to share? I would love to hear them.


16 thoughts on “Day Twenty Seven: 30 Day Challenge

  1. Similar to one of yours:
    my horse has a standing appt with the chiro and masseuse and everyday I wake up graphing that my back hurts. 😉

  2. Your house (and car trunk) are filthy, but your barn is spotless.
    Corollary: even your brand new car has hay crumbs in its trunk!

  3. Everyone of them apply to me! I’m glad I’m not alone.

    Here’s a couple more…

    You say whoa to the dog.
    You pat the car’s steering wheel when you accelerate well or stop just in time.
    You try to grow carrots in the garden even though you really don’t have a garden.
    Smell? What smell?

  4. Love it!

    How about:
    You keep a spare pair of boots and breeches in your car just in case you have time to run out to the barn.

    There is at least one horse treat in every jacket you own.

  5. Good ones! They all apply to me (except I wear jeans-not breeches).
    I also can’t stand to wait around all day for the appliance or cable repairman…but it doesn’t bother me if I have to wait half the day for my favorite farrier.
    I have also been known to travel to several feed stores just to find the best hay for my horses…but I never do that for my own groceries.

  6. I tell the horse to “Stay” and cluck to the dog.

    I get out of the car and stomp my feet from the parking lot to the grocery store, leaving bootprint dust outlines on the blacktop.

    I think nothing of having hay in my hair. Thank God dandruff doesn’t come “green and leafy.”

    I can almost eat off the floor of my tackroom, but have to clean the kitchen counters before I can fix a meal.

    I can lace a pair of field boots so that the tie ends are even the first try, but I can’t put lipstick on without smudging, even when looking in the mirror.

  7. I pack boots with me no matter where I go on vacation…there might just be a horse I can ride!

    When driving and taking a turn in a car, I shift to balance myself so that the car stays balanced…
    does that make sense to anyone?

  8. You admire every piece of land, and think about the barn/paddocks/ XC fences you could put there

    You shop for horse stuff constantly, and have only gone shopping once for yourself in the past two years

    You half-halt the dog

    You get mad at said dog when it spends too much time cantering on one lead, and not enough on the other! I dunno, that may be more OCD than horse craziness 😉

  9. My first horse camping trip of the season is planned for this weekend. Found out from my boss that we are a finalist for an account in the Virgin Islands & several people need to make the trip there. He was trying to line up people and casually asked me “what are you doing this weekend”. I panicked! I thought “I can’t go to the Virgin Islands, I am horse camping!” For the record, I thought better of it and I would have given up my weekend riding for the VI, but didn’t have to make the choice.

  10. Your innocent invite to come see your horse- really is a disguised interview to see how long the relationship might last…

    Spending hours grooming or braiding your horse’s mane/tail, while your hairstyle is a perpetual ponytail.

    Are far too happy to see delivery trucks and/or packages!

    Can single out any horsey word heard in a crowded room, are lured over to strike up conversations with strangers.

    Still has or distinctly remembers their childhood toy horses.

  11. Darkhorse — that is SO me! “Can single out any horsey word heard in a crowded room, are lured over to strike up conversations with strangers.” I absolutely have done this — at restaurants, at parties, et cetera. And I’m SHY!

    Also: Your mother introduces your sisters as “My oldest daughter; she lives in Texas and has her family there” and “My youngest daughter; she’s an attorney and lives in Reno for now” … and she introduces you as “My middle daughter; the one with the horse.”

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