Day Twenty Five: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Five: Your dream trailer

I know, I am so boring, but honestly, that is totally my dream trailer! This is a Hawk 2 horse classic with walk through and dressing room. I love everything about it! I currently have a 1992 Sundowner that is extra high and extra wide, but it doesn’t have a dressing room and thus, the right side of my trailer is always used as a tack room. I don’t like driving other people’s horses so it works out for now, but at some point I think I will get over that and it would be nice to have a spot for a show buddy.

I love, love, love that this trailer has a dressing room! My next trailer is so going to have a dressing room. What I really love though is that it has a walk through. That means that I can go from the back where the horses are right in to the tack room without ever having to go outside. I love that feature! It means that on a rainy day I can tack up my horse in the trailer (assuming of course that my future show horse and I are alone). I can do that because this trailer doesn’t have a full divider down to the floor (like mine does). I am of course assuming that my horse will not be a monster in the trailer like my Gen.

I also love how light it is! This monster size trailer is not even 4,000 pounds empty! It is plenty spacious for a horse and also has a good size tack room in which to stow away all my crap (and I have lots of it). Plus it has a ramp, and I am sorry, but I need a ramp. I just could never do a step down. I love how the ramp is not crazy high like mine is, and how there are a bunch of windows so the inside of the trailer looks light.

The real reason I love this trailer is that there is a window between the trailer and the dressing room. I know that might not sounds like a big deal, but let me tell you why it really is. In the summer when I am driving my trailer and the top doors are open I can see how the horse in the back is traveling. I LOVE being able to see how the horse is doing as I am driving along. That is something I would never want to give up, not even for a dressing room. In this trailer though I wouldn’t have to! I could still see in.

The best part? Hawks are not very expensive horse trailers so there is a chance that I really could own one some day. I have never heard anyone complain more about a Hawk trailer versus any other trailer which is always a good thing also. Now I just need to be riding and showing again 😛


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Five: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I never thought too much about the ramp because I loved the trailer. But I wish I could rip my ramp off and never see it again! I Love love love my trailer, except for the ramp & am seriously considering teaching my horse to unload thru the escape door. To have to mess with 3 doors to unload one horse (ramp, plus 2 top doors) is a PITA – especially when you get home on a cold, blistery evening and just want to unload and go inside. Did I mention what a PITA it is? LOL! Give me a step up/down anyday. And my horses agree! (I called Sundowner to see if I could replace the ramp with 2 doors. Pricetag $1500 per door, so not in the budget.) Other than the ramp, your dream trailer sounds perfect! LOL!

  2. I just bought my first horse trailer early this year (actually it was Dec. 28th)….and I just LOVE having my own trailer. Although I never got left out of my sister’s 3 horse slant (being a sister gives one priority LOL) but I love the fact that I can just load up and go whenever I want. My sister always told me I could uses her truck and trailer anytime she couldn’t ride, but I don’t like driving other peoples stuff ,even if it’s my own sister. Plus I can keep my stuff all together in my own trailer.

    I “only” bought a one horse trailer…yes, it’s a ONE horse trailer. It’s very unique looking to say the least BUT its so lightweight I can tow it with my SUV (2300 lbs)…I didn’t have to buy a bigger truck. Since it’s a 2006 4 Star, all aluminum it has all the bells and whistles. I have screened and barred windows all around , I think there is like 6 or 7 windows, plus a few that drop down, a decent sized escape door, ramp, two locking tack doors (one is even full sized) to the tack room, the front tack area is full sized from ceiling to floor for full length long things, completely rubber lined walls and floor, outside and inside spotlights.

    Although I really wanted a two horse with a dressing room, and although I paid the same $$$ as a two horse…I don’t feel obligated to give any “free loaders” a ride… like I said I didn’t have to give up my SUV and buy a bigger truck ( I an pull this with my S10 pickup too). But above all those “extras”, I just love the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want…just me and my BFF, my horse.

  3. I’m pretty happy with our trailer. It’s a Circle J three horse LQ. We have plenty of room for all our tack, hay and water. The kitchen is great-micro, propane stove and fridge. My favorite part is having our own bathroom! I never liked using the port-a-potties at endurance rides. Of course I would love to upgrade to a fancier one…but that’s pretty unlikely.

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