Day Twenty Four: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Four: Your Best Riding Buddy

I am so sad right now because I don’t have a best riding buddy. I never really thought about it but now that I am thinking about it I think it sucks! I am going to blame the fact I ride dressage for this one, even though it is a totally weak argument. I used to have riding buddies. Growing up I had riding buddies. Even in college I had two very good friends who were my riding buddies, but since college. Not so much. I have horse friends, but that is not how I define a riding buddy.

To me, a riding buddy is a person who you ride with. The person that you call when you are headed to the barn in the hopes that they will meet you there. The friend that if you decide to go to a show will wake up at 4am and come with you. I don’t have anyone that I ride with. In addition to dressage I am going to toss some blame Gen’s way. He could be a little…unpredictable…under saddle so people wouldn’t want to be in the ring at the same time I was riding him (trust me, we were fine, but I can understand why they might worry). The dressage factor is the fact that dressage lessons are almost always private lessons. I think that a lot of riding buddy situations come from having lessons at the same time. Not so easy to find when you have private lessons.

I would love to have a riding buddy. I think that stuff is always more fun when you buddy. Maybe someday I will get lucky and get another riding buddy, but for now I think I am stuck going solo.


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Four: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I don’t have a riding buddy either. I used to ride with my next-door neighbor, but she was unpredictable–she would gallop off without saying anything (and back when my OTTB was just off the track, he was CERTAIN he was going to lose the race. Besides, if the other horse ran off, there must be danger, right?). She would run up behind us and do other stupid stuff. I spoke to her about this, but she would tell me to “get over it.”

    So I did. I “got over” riding with her.

    The other side of the coin is the riders afraid of the trail. They can’t ride unless they are in an arena or dressage court (I find a lot of dressage riders are afraid of leaving the rail–in more ways than one). These are the same people who get upset because their horses get ring sour. Duh.

    Other than the “emergency” factor (which I offset by wearing a helmet and carrying a cell phone on my person when I’m out and about–and making ABSOLUTELY certain the girth is secure), I rather enjoy riding out alone. I carry on a conversation with my horse, and he seems to like being told he is “brave” (when he walks through water or down into a ditch and out again without getting frazzled).

  2. I went a long time without anyone to ride with, and while I still love my alone time, it’s nice to have a buddy once in a while. If you ever feel like riding with us, you have an open invite 🙂

  3. I agree.
    I’m solving the problem of riding in the pasture by myself by buying a second horse again. (We have plenty of pasture.) Then my sister can come ride again, and when she can’t, another friend will come out. The friend also gives me “dressage” lessons in my western saddle–dual purpose!

  4. I have a riding buddy. Almost 4 years ago I had a bad riding accident and I wasn’t sure I would ride again. My riding buddy helped me with me fears, cheering me on, encouraging me, challenging me. She got me out of the safety of the arena to cantering in the fields. A year and a half ago, she had a bad accident when we were out hacking and now I cheer her on, challenge and encourage her and I know that we will be out cantering in the fields again (if the weather gets better and the flies go away!) Aside from the fact that my riding buddy is a great person, she is also a much better rider than I am and she pushes me forward. We read dressage tests to each other and then critique the ride. We laugh and we grumble and we keep each other riding. And did I mention, we are both going to be 60 within the year!

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