Day Twenty Two: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty Two: Describe the importance of riding in your life.

Well, to me the importance of riding is a different thing than the importance of horses in my life. I think that is why the whole SchoolMaster thing threw me for such a loop. I identify myself as a horse person. I wouldn’t know who I was if horses were not a part of my life. I spend a lot of time and money on horses. Even in my office at work I have a little “horse shrine” with a horsey calender, mini Breyers and equestrian college program brochures.

When I have a bad day at work, I go to the barn and I feel better. In fact, my job is stressful and in my job interviews last year there was always a question of how do you manage stress…and my answer was that I would go to the barn. The people who are now my bosses seemed impressed that I had such a good stress management plan.

I LOVE to be at the barn. I love the smell of horses. I could sit and stare at Gen for hours and hours. When I drive anywhere, I look for horse farms. I cannot drive by a trailer without looking to see if a horse is in it. I wouldn’t be me without horses in my life.

Riding though, well, riding is different to me than horses. As you all know I almost gave up riding for a while. Riding is different to me than horses. To be near horses is to be at peace. For me, riding is about doing something…getting somewhere, basically accomplishing something.  I have goals when I ride. I have no goals when I am at the barn.

Riding gives me a way to be selfish and to get goals for myself. It gives me an area of my life to be competitive, to learn and grown in that has nothing at all to do with work or relationships. I don’t think a whole lot of 20 somethings get the opportunity to try and do something that makes them focus and get better outside of work.

For me, riding is something that I want to not just do, but to do it well. I know that this is not a good analogy, but it is almost like someone who loves to do something and then decided to do it for their job. Not that I think of riding as work, but at this second in time I think of riding in terms of goals, not in terms of joy. I am working hard to get that joy back (ah…see…I have a problem!), but thinking about riding to me is just very different than thinking about horses.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to ride. In fact, I get in to a bad mood if I go for a few weeks without riding. If someone told me I would never see another horse again I think I would die. If someone told me that I couldn’t ride again I would be sad, but I would be okay. I feel like horses are in my soul! It is like air and water…I need horses to live.


4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Two: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I am considerably older, and when I got my first horse I was 30. I did not get the chance to live the horse dream as a teenager. I went to movies, read books, drew pictures (pretty crappy ones, admittedly–I am not an artist).

    Bought my first horse myself because I had the money and he was the perfect “first horse” and I learned a lot. I’m appreciating him even more now, years after he died, because I’m using what he taught me to work with the OTTB I own now.

    Throughout my horse life–nearly 40 years now–I’ve heard comments comments like, “Don’t girls outgrow their horse dreams by the time they are in their teens?” or “You have a horse?!!? You RIDE??!!??” And the expressions on the faces of those who make those comments are even more incredulous because of their perceptions that someone my age should be home tending my garden and reading novels.

    Riding is many things to me. It is exercise, the chance to “get out and about” and share the lovely day and the exercise with a handsome chestnut fellow with serious chrome who also enjoys carting his Mom around the countryside. It’s the chance to work on a discipline (dressage), the finer points which have so far eluded me. It permits an “interspecies connection” like no other.

  2. It is very difficult to explain the horse obsession to nonhorse people. They don’t get that we derive our identities through horses. It’s not just something we do. It’s who we are.

  3. I have not ridden for several years because of physical issues. I miss it and hope to ride again someday, but I can’t imagine not having horses in my life. I enjoy caring for them and just hanging out with them. I did not get my first horse until I was 35 years old. Some people couldn’t understand why I still wanted a horse. I think some of us never ‘get over’ the horse thing…because we need them as much as we need air to breathe. 🙂

  4. hey! I have just started my very own horsey blog after following a number of horse blogs and I was wondering if you could follow it and maybe eventually put it on your “blog’s I read” if you actually do read it! thanks! 🙂

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