Day Twenty One: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twenty One: Your Favorite Schooling Outfit

So this one made me laugh. I tend to go with the idea that barn clothes are the clothes that have worn out their usefulness in real life.  That means that if there is a T-shirt that doesn’t fit or a sweatshirt with a hole in it, it becomes my barn clothes. Add to that the fact that I am broke so most of my britches are on the older side of things (I have one pair that I regularly wear that is 15 years old) and the overall effect is that I look like I am homeless in my barn clothes. My worst was the day when I went to try saddles a few years back and I knew I had some holes in my britches and I went to throw a leg over a demo and bam…the whole seat split open. It was embarrassing! Yet I still have not learned my lesson and still wear clothes that are falling apart.

Last year after selling off many pairs of britches that didn’t fit I treated myself an bought a brand new pair of beautiful tan colored full seats, which is what I am wearing now and a nice pair of winter riding tights, both of which are hole free. As for shirts…I still look like a homeless person in that department. What are ill fitting and hole ridden shirts made for if not to wear to the barn? It is not that I like looking like a homeless person though. In fact, I wish that I could dress like those classy ladies at the barn who have everything fitting well, being clean and totally coordinated.

My favorite schooling outfit is boring and I have a version for each season. I love the classic look of beige full seat britches, back boots with black half chaps, and a black shirt. I know, I am so boring! I love fun colored gloves and a fun colored helmet (that would match each other) to complete the look. I had a beautiful rich jewel toned helmet and matching gloves before I fell off and I had to get a new helmet.

Here is the summer version from last year without the right gloves. For the spring and fall version the top is a black polo shirt and in the winter I wear my Princeton sweatshirt (no, I didn’t go there…I don’t have that kind of money!). I have been all black since I got my new helmet last year, but what can I say, I love the look of black with black tack.

What about you all? Do you think I am a slob or are you with me that barn clothes are supposed to be crappy clothes?


14 thoughts on “Day Twenty One: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I like wearing boots, breeches and a polo shirt, but mostly I go to the barn on the way home from work so I am usually in jeans and a T-shirt or sweatshirt. I try not to look like too much of a slob, but really, where else are you going to wear that sweatshirt with the stain down the front?

  2. Nope – I’m with you on the old tshirts and sweatshirts! I have one nice-ish polo that I wear in warmer weather… Everything just gets so dusty and dirty when at the barn, that it would kill me to buy really expensive stuff. Although, I do like the tan breech/black boot combo! Might be working investing in a pair this summer…

  3. I would rather put my money towards PJ’s shoes, horse shows, a new bridle, than fancy barn clothes for me. I’m all for the old ratty stuff for schooling.

  4. I have lots of old–clean but serviceable–riding clothes. I love gloves. I have mostly brown ones, so beige breeches with a colorful polo is my “uniform.” If I have to ride “in public,” I tuck in my shirt and wear a belt. Otherwise, it’s “whatever.” ;o) The one thing I insist upon is clean boots. Polished or wiped with a rag with a bit of neutral creme. I actually spend more time grooming the horse and cleaning his tack (perfect for wearing those clothes with the holes ;o)

  5. Lucky for me…I have my horses at home. So I don’t need to worry about anyone seeing how ratty I look at the barn! 🙂 I too, have clothing that is ten-fifteen years old. The perfect time to wear that stuff is when I’m feeding or cleaning. My horses sure don’t care what I look like…as long as they get fed! 🙂

  6. Since I work in the barn my “work” clothes aren’t all that different from riding clothes… I buy $3 T-shirts from the craft store, so I can get a variety of colors without spending a ton of money and being heartbroken if they get destroyed. Sometimes I joke that I only volunteer at events to get free clothes (t-shirts and hats) so that I don’t have to go shopping, LOL.

    Even most of my breeches were hand-me-downs from my old boss, or picked up from the consignment room. My favorite color is FREE!

  7. 🙂 Love this post! I just recently started paying attention to a few of the DQ’s at our barn…all coorinated and cute. Then there is me!

  8. I’m the same way! I prefer tan breeches, black boots, and a black helmet, and then my tops are kind of random. If it’s oversize or if it’s kind of ratty, it’s a barn shirt. I’d rather be all cute, with coordinating tops that stay clean and fit perfectly, but … let’s be honest: I’m awfully round for that. I’m trying to build up a collection of nicer riding shirts that are flattering, but it’s slow work.

  9. My schooling outfit are one of three pairs of breeches, and a shirt that if it got a hole in it or dirty, I wouldn’t be sad about. I don’t have the kind of money to spend on fancy schooling polo shirts or fancy breeches!

  10. I agree that worn out clothes are meant to be worn to the barn. But since I dont work at the barn full time anymore, I have become a total DQ! I have navy full seat breeches with a light blue full seat and swaroski crystals on the pocket that I wear with my light blue/pink joules polo shirt, and my white/light blue joules vest. ANd of course black boots, half chaps, helmet, and gloves (since my pink ones with the swaroski crystals had to be retired!) Another favorite I have now is my tan full seats with the pink piping down the side with my pink life is good dressage shirt, pink plaid saddle pad and black polos with the pink and palm trees on the velcro. Like I said, I am a total DQ! And nobody else at my barn is this way. Now that I say it out loud, I guess I have gotten a little out of control!

  11. I liked tan breeches till I saw myself from behind… it is all black now! I am def. NOT a color coordinated dressage diva, but wish I had the budget to be! I also have my own place so it does not matter what I wear, my horses don’t laugh at my clothes 🙂

  12. I’ll admit I have trouble noticing your outfit. Instead I’m noticing your legs. You’re getting the lateral movement, clearly using your left leg more while supporting w/ the right rein to avoid too much flexion, yet toes are still pointing forward and knees are the same height indicating you’ve kept your balance even and not moved your thighs. Yeah, I’m jealous because you’re doing what I’ve been struggling with trying to do very well right there!

    As for the outfits – no favorites right now, really. I’ve been trying TOTD breeches as I build my collection. I like summer and tank top weather, because the stretch and minimal size of the shirts is just more comfy for me than the baggy tees I normally would wear otherwise. However, after buying a nice technical fabric show shirt, I hate all my riding outfits! I’m hopefully going to be able to afford to buy sport-material tops in the near future, because they are so much more comfortable! (And I assume from sporting good stores, as they’re less expensive.)

  13. Just had to comment on this even if it’s a few days late. No joke, I go to the Salvation Army store to buy barn jeans. They are already broken in and I really don’t care of they get stained or torn up when I only paid $6. And I buy them 2 sizes too big in the winter so I can wear fleece long johns under them!

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