Day Nineteen: 30 Day Challenge

Day Nineteen: A discipline you would like to try

Honestly? I want to try all of them someday! Since I really can’t pick just one, I will tell you the 5 disciplines that I am DYING to try.

Saddle Seat. I love it! I did take some saddle seat lessons when Gen was hurt and they were fun! I would love to try my hand at it again. I think that the habit is so cool looking! And I love the feeling that you are flying when you go down the long side.

Barrel Racing. I know that I would totally fit in to the barrel racing world. I LOVE bright colors and going FAST. Barrel racing is not popular by me…at all. I don’t even know if I ever will get to try it for real ever, but a girl can dream right?

Endurance riding. I can’t see myself ever doing 100 miles, but I do think that it sounds amazing to ride 25 miles through the woods on a horse that you love and trust. I think my lack of direction would make this a dangerous discipline for me!

Eventing. I have actually never done an event. I think that my dressage background and love of riding outdoors would be perfect. I don’t know how brave I am anymore, but this is me day dreaming so I think that eventing sounds like fun!

Reining. I think that this is my dream discipline. Just like barrel racing, it is just not in my area so I don’t think I will ever get to try it. They call it cowboy dressage. I clearly can ride a pattern. I would love to be able to do a pattern, dress normally, and be able to make money. I know that dressage is not the right fit for me, but I think that reining might be. Too bad I will never get to find out…at least for as long as I live where I do.


12 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: 30 Day Challenge

  1. Actually there is barrel racing and especially reining in our area. Check out Dube Farms and SonBob farms. Go to the NJQH website to find more trainers in our area.
    I’ve done Saddleseat before. It was scary. But maybe b/c I was on one of those crazy UC Morgans (she was 4 yo – not her fault).

  2. I like the look of saddleseat, but I think I would be terrible at it…!

    Endurance/CTR is top on my list.

    Reining looks like a lot of fun – maybe you should find a trainer and try some lessons? Maybe that would rejuvenate your riding spirit? 🙂

  3. I’ve always loved the cross country phase of eventing (used to like roads and tracks, too, but they took that out in a lame attempt to make the day a bit shorter/safer). I have ridden saddle seat but not competitively. Great fun. Didn’t have the habit (wore cowboy boots and jeans) but the feeling was amazing.

    Here the Extreme Cowboy Race-type events are becoming popular–for fundraisers, mostly and just having a good time with the horse. Some of the events have in-hand classes, too. Gives the handler HER share of exercise, especially where the moguls are involved ;o)

  4. There is definitely reining and such in our area. We just had some QH folks move into the smaller barn where I board and they definitely compete. Good looking horses too 🙂

  5. That’s so funny, I have the opposite problem. There are reiners and barrel racers everywhere, but I have to drive an hour for my dressage lesson. I just got our regional dressage club roster and I am literally the only member in my county. But as lonely as it is out here for dressage, its a great place to have a horse, I just have to work harder to train and find shows within a days drive.

  6. I have to admit, I’m not a huge saddle seat fan… I never have been, and since I’m obsessed with evenness, symmetry, etc. while I’d enjoy barrels, your horse would go better one way vs. the other, and that’d drive me nuts. I’d also love to try endurance and reining, and obv. I love eventing 🙂 There are some western people in my area, but they’re mostly WP or gamers, no reiners. I also don’t really know much about the endurance scene, but that may be because it doesn’t really exist where I am. Seems counter intuitive, since we have the best/most trails in the province where I am!

  7. Definitely, definitely try saddleseat. But when you call the local lesson stables, make sure that you can try riding a 5-gaited horse. The slow gait and the rack are super fun gaits and instantly make you feel like you’re on a show horse, even if its your first lesson! I did saddleseat for many years before switching over to eventing. Riding a 5-gaited horse, especially when it’s got a nice headset (you’ll feel like the horse’s face is in your lap) – its unlike anything else!

  8. One summer, I was a ‘wrangler’ for a Riding resort (Double JJ in Michigan) and we hosted Rodeos every Friday night.
    I grew up riding in a H/J barn and that summer I rode like a true cowgirl and LOVED it. We did cow penning, I learned how to rope and was damn good at it..and we did barrel racing (not as good or fast as in that picture) but it was FUN FUN FUN! Lots of great times-so now, I have a soft spot in my heart for western riding, etc.

  9. I live is SW Iowa and grew up pole bending and barrel racing! But I LOVE dressage and also have to drive hours for lessons. Thankfully they have added some western dressage classes so maybe people here will look at me like I have lost my mind.

    come on out to the midwest for a riding vaction I know of a place in Nebraska that you would have a fantastic time and it is not $$$$

  10. My first horse was a Saddlebred…so I started riding saddleseat. I LOVED it! I never showed my horse, but my daughter did. It was great fun. My hubby rides endurance. I don’t-I’m too wimpy to ride 50-100 miles in one day! But I still enjoy crewing for him and meeting lots of fantastic horse people. I’ve always wanted to try dressage.

  11. I think we could be friends 🙂 I barrel race, and am in the middle of kind of.. training a reining/western pleasure horse. I also LOVE eventing, and the barn that I work for trains and races endurance horses!

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