Day Eighteen: 30 Day Challenge

Day Eighteen: Your favorite horse show picture(s)

Gen and I at Championships in 2006

Gen and I at the local show grounds in 2006

I love this one because I have a HUGE can even see it through the blur

Our very first horse show

I heart Gennyral

Looking at these makes me smile, but it does also make me a little sad. I wish that I had pictures from all of our shows, but at the time I just kind of assumed that we would have so many more that it wouldn’t be a big deal to not take pictures. I am grateful to still have him around though so I wont complain! Didn’t we make such a cute pair?!?! I love my pony (I don’t care that he is nearly 17 hands…he will always be my pony). He is the best.


3 thoughts on “Day Eighteen: 30 Day Challenge

  1. He looks gorgeous. Such a pretty boy 🙂 The first pic is my favourite… there’s just something about Gen’s presence in that pic. Wow, that sounds pretty cheesy, doesn’t it? Can’t you see what I mean though?

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