Day Sixteen: 30 Day Challenge

Day Sixteen: Your most recent fall

There is no need to reinvent the wheel…you can read all about it here


One thought on “Day Sixteen: 30 Day Challenge

  1. My fall was on a Sunday in February 2008. I was riding in the nearby field, concentrating on my 20m canter circles and two little boys and their dog popped up from behind some thick brush and scared the horse. He zigged left, I continued going right. I flipped out of the saddle, rotated 270 degrees and landed flat on my back. Had I landed on my butt, sitting up, it would have been a perfect 360, ending up at a lower elevation (;o)

    I had the complete bridle in my hand. All buckles in place, nothing broken (which goes to show you that not all trainers know how to instruct riders on correct tack adjustments). My horse, OTTB, freaked out. He took off running and left the field. I figured a) all our work keeping him sound by NOT running him on crappy or unforgiving footing was out the window–the streets to my house are paved; and b) I prayed he didn’t hit a car and I ended up getting sued.

    As luck would have it, neighbors were driving by. They followed the horse (who went “home”) and the husband stayed with him. She came back and got me.

    Upshot: By the following Saturday, I was in great pain, so I went to the doctor. Had x-rays. He saw nothing but gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers–the only thing that worked on me were the side effects of the pills. Vicodin is not my friend. Two days later I got a phone call from his nurse. The radiologist’s report showed a cracked rib. It was two years later–when I saw my primary care physician and said I still didn’t feel “right” after my fall–that he told me I had TWO cracked ribs.

    Once the pain went away, I was back to riding–I did not stop cleaning and doing the other horse management things. I worked the horse on the ground and had other people riding him (I was taking regular lessons then, too).

    What I learned: Tighten the throat latch. Keep an eye out for kids–be aware of my surroundings. Appreciate a smart horse who knows there’s no place like home ;o)

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