Day Fourteen: 30 Day Challenge

Day Fourteen: Your dream barn/farm

So I really am a small barn kind of girl. My dream barn would only have four stalls in it. I will always have Gen as my number 1, and then I would like a second riding horse and two boarders. Enough to not be alone, but I wouldn’t want just one boarder and for some reasons 4 horses seems so manageable while anything more than that seems so big. Notice that I would want to live on the property and be able to stare at Gen as much as I want to.

I would also want to have both an indoor and an outdoor ring. I mean, this is just dreams after all so I don’t have to worry about money! Having both an indoor and an outdoor gives me the option to even have shows myself someday, plus with an indoor I would get to ride all winter long! I would also want my dream property to be surrounded by woods so I could trail ride whenever I wanted…how is that for options on where I want to ride?

I want all of the stalls to be huge, 16×16. I also want them to have bars on the front with a yoke door so the horses can look at each other. I also want dutch doors on the outside of the barn in case of emergency and so that the horses can look out when the weather is nice. I want a nice big tack room because we all know I have lots, and lots of stuff! I am also including a lounge/office for me and my two boarders to hang out, because I could literally spend all day at the barn!

As far as my fields go…I am scared to make them too big. Gen hurt himself in a three acre field. I am thinking and an acre and a half for the three main fields is big enough, with a little under an acre for the spare fields. I want all of my fields to have run in sheds in them and to be level and clear of course. I am also including a medical field because…well…my horse is Gennyral after all. In fact, I should probably have a few tiny fields of varying sizes just in case my boo boo head needs a long rehab. I would just like to point out that even in my dream world I am anticipating Gen being a goober!

I could seriously spend $2 million on building a state of the art barn…for 4 horses. It is so fun to dream about this sort of stuff! How many horses would be on your dream farm?


7 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: 30 Day Challenge

  1. No run-out stalls? (Or, in Gen’s case, walk out stalls. 😉 ) I love the yoke door and dutch door ideas. 🙂

  2. This is great! All realities begin with a dream.

    The thing I like best about my barn are the walk-out dry lots. During the wet gushy seasons, they come in mighty handy. And it saves wear and tear on the grass in the paddocks. Horses can come and go as they please.

    3 horses would be ideal for me. 1 boarder, 1 mine, and a baby-sitter horse/pony in case one is left alone. In fact, I’m looking for a half-sized horse in case you hear of one.

  3. Could you do this in Idaho, so I can come board with you? 🙂 And maybe we could put in a cross-country course … *grin*

  4. Wow! You’ve got some great plans/dreams there! 🙂 We have a six stall barn. We use two stalls for hay and other supplies. Our stalls are 16×16 and I definitely recommend that size. Especially cause we have a warmblood cross who looks squished in a smaller stall. We also have a 60 ft round pen that is great for working horses. We also have two turn-outs. I wish we had a covered arena! Hopefully, someday you will have the horse frm of your dreams! 🙂

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