Day Twelve: 30 Day Challenge

Day Twelve: Favorite horse color

This one is totally easy. I love, love, love black horses! All I dream about are black horses. Every once and a while (usually when I am out west visiting my parents) I think about how beautiful Dun horses are, but then I come back east and see a dreamy black horse heading up the centerline and my heart goes pitter patter. I love everything about black horses. The look so majestic. I mean, they didn’t call it “The Chestnut Stallion” if you know what I am saying. I love how a black coat can really sparkle with health like few colors can. Of course, I am also very jealous of how easy they are to keep clean in comparison to Gennyral.

So since my time with Phoenix I have decided that I do want a little bit of color in my life. I am now dreaming of a beautiful black horse with just a smattering of spots on its adorable hiney.

I know that since I want a black horse so badly that means that I am never going to get one. In fact, knowing my luck I will have a string of grays. At least I can still dream about galloping around on a beautiful black horse!


5 thoughts on “Day Twelve: 30 Day Challenge

  1. My first horse was liver chestnut, no white. Easy-peasy to keep clean. No chrome, no problem. LOVED that.

    Hard to maintain the coat in the summer (and nothing looks crappier than a sunburned liver chestnut in my opinion–and when liver babies shed their baby coat, they look positively moth-eaten ;o)

    He was also a QH and “sorrel” is a very common color–almost as common as gray is in Arabians. So I disliked sorrel and red chestnut.

    My personal preference is bay–no white on legs at all. And I love that honey-bay with the dapples. OMG ;o)

    So when I got back into horses, I set out to find a “tall, young, greenbroke gelding with good ground manners.” One man I told found a horse he knew would work for me. My next-door neighbor told me Randy had a horse and I asked about color. “Oh, uh, well, he’s bright red chestnut.”


    “Any chrome?”

    “Oh, a bit.”

    “Define ‘bit.'”

    “Uh, well, four white socks and a star, strip and snip.”


    However, the gelding WAS very nice–kind eye, anxious to please, exceptional ground manners–so I bought him anyway.

    And today, chestnut is ALL I see. I still like bay … a lot … but bright red copper penny chestnut is perfectly okay, too.

  2. I have a black. Only, he spends most of his summer looking bay with high black stockings from the GA sun. His winter coat is bay too. But I swear, he’s honestly a black horse. He stayed black (except for his winter coat) in Oregon without issue. And when you trace clip him, he’s a funky mouse color underneath all that glossy black hair.

    At night I find him by his two hind socks. That’s about all I can see of him out in pasture unless the moon is full.

  3. Hey, all I’ve ever dreamed of since I was a little girl was owning a black horse. And while I’ve owned a lot of chestnuts and one bay, I also was lucky to own, not one, but two black horses in my life (so far). So don’t say it won’t happen.

  4. Love the pictures of those two horses. I never wanted a gray horse either but after Erik and of course Donnie, I love them. When they are dappled there is nothing more beautiful.

    Then again since I was a child watching Roy Rogers I always wanted a palomino. Well, guess what, I’ve got Dusty. Which could come under the heading of “be careful what you wish for!!”

    I’m partial to paints and appy’s too. Black horses are beautiful and I hope you get one some day. Imagine Gen and your Black Beauty standing side by side for pictures. How awesome would that be.

  5. This one made me laugh! I have always loved bays and blacks. My first horse was a liver chestnut. We’ve had a string of chestnuts and a paint. Grey was never my favorite color. So of course we now have THREE greys! Despite their color-I love em to pieces! 🙂

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