Day Eight: 30 Day Challenge

Day Eight: A little about the barn/stable you are at

So I shot this video in one take…obviously! Sorry guys. I really don’t have a very steady hand huh? What I must point out is that my baby only comes over when he knows I am ready to get him. I hate it when I call him and he does not come running over, but I know I should be happy that my boy is so smart that he knows the routine. He is very used to me going out to say hello and then getting side tracked for several minutes doing something else so he knows better than to come over right away. I must also point that I do really sound like that in person! I had to laugh watching it because it is so me. I actually love the idea of a video barn tour. Can I talk anyone else into doing one???


5 thoughts on “Day Eight: 30 Day Challenge

  1. Love it! I will do one once the snow and mud is gone! LOL! My pasture and paddocks look like h*ll right now!

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