Day Seven: 30 Day Challenge

Day Seven: Your best ribbon

The picture says it all. I was on cloud 11 (cloud 9 does not describe how happy I was). This was a year end award from 2006 when Gen and I won with one of our GMOs. We actually won with two of our GMOs, but this GMO is crazy big and filled with lots of nationally known trainers and their wealthy students. My OTTB and I won! It was even more special because just 1 month after I got this ribbon is when Gen hurt himself and had to be retired.

I was so surprised when they announced the year end award results and Gen and I were listed as the champions! All year this other woman and I (I can’t even remember her name) went to all the same shows except for one. She kicked my butt every time! She was always 1 and I was always 2. I had assumed that she would win the year end award. The one show that Gen and I went to that she was not at we scored very, very highly. Those two high scores were enough bump up our median score above the other womans. I am still shocked about it this day. This ribbon is the same one that is in my favorite picture of Gen (that was later turned in to the painting). In case you cannot tell how much this means to me, if my place were burning down I would grab my dog and this ribbon. Sad I know, but yet that is such a me statement! I do love my ribbons!


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