Day Six: 30 Day Challenge

Day Six: Your most accomplished horse

Well, I have only ever had my Gen, but I don’t think that is what they mean. I wasn’t sure if they mean the number of ribbons or the kind of ribbons. If it is the kind then Gen wins hands down. These are all the ribbons that Gen won (minus 1 which is in a shadow box). Gen and I only went to 6 shows (or was it 5) so I would say that it is a really good haul for a very short lived show career.

The Finished Ribbon Rack

If you are thinking quantity over quality…well…let me go count.

Hahaha…guess which horse I won the most ribbons on?

Awww...Phoenix...he was such a cutie!

Phoneix! Hahaha…I love it! Go figure! He beat out Heart by 4 ribbons. Those hunter shows I did with him really pushed him over the top. I am not sure if I should be proud or sad that my most accomplished show horse was one that I only rode for 18 months who was barely broke when I started with him. He and I won 36 ribbons in our time together, which might not sound like a lot, but considering we mostly did dressage shows I am really proud with that.

How would you define the term “most accomplished horse”?

3 thoughts on “Day Six: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I am a lot more focused on training than on showing so my most accomplished horse would have been Scotty. He came off the track at age 8, having raced all his life. He made the transition to show horse, friend, partner and great fun. We showed through training levels in dressage at recognized shows. He was half leased out to a junior rider for a year and took her to medal finals in equitation (H/J). He did well show jumping and even – to my amazement – took a few ribbons in some big hunter classes at Estes Park, he was not what I would consider a hunter. One of my most fun moments on him was the second or third time cross country training when the light bulb went on and he started hunting for the next jump. I could feel the electricity going through him. He was always willing to learn something new, was totally honest and probably the most awesome horse I will ever own.

  2. I define my most accomplished horse as the one who didn’t dump me when she SURELY should have.
    I’ve won trophies, buckles, hi points, etc but they all mean nothing to me compared to the horse who’s kept me safe in a bad situation.
    I rode ol’ Smokey mare up in the hills here. On the side of a steep cliff, climbing through big rocks, bad place to be, she got a ball of cholla cactus WAY up under her tail. She clamped down and the cactus stuck, in the BAD PLACE. Honestly, if cactus got me there, I’d scream bloody murder and I wouldn’t move.
    The rider behind me yelled to stop and get off RIGHT NOW so I did, no questions asked. When I saw the problem, I was horrified. She should have dumped me and headed for home. Instead she took painful poison tipped barbs in her most private place and never took a bad step. Not only that, she allowed me to remove it. Never moved. Continued on our trail ride like it was nothing.
    THAT is my most accomplished horse and simply because of that day, she’ll live out her years here. I will never give her up.

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