Day Four: 30 Day Challenge

Day Four: A horse that impacted your life

There have been so many horses who have impacted my life. I think I will tell you all about the first horse I ever got to do a full lease on. Her name was Teisha and she was an older Arab mare who had done everything. This was about 14 years ago and this was also how I found my trainer. I am getting ahead of myself, let me start my story from the beginning.

I had been riding for a few years and had always gotten to lease a horse in the summers. It was hard being a horse crazy girl in my area though because literally all of my horseback riding friends had horses. One of my friends had two horses and she was in pony club. Thinking that I could use her pony my parents and I decided to sign me up for pony club as well. I was thrilled! Right after they signed me up I as riding my friends pony and then…well I don’t remember exactly what happened. I do know that I fell off and hit my head and that it was a bad fall. Her parents got nervous about lending me the pony (we had to hire a lawyer to STOP our insurance plan from suing my friends family) and so my 14 year old heart was broken.

Since I had been going to meetings the pony club parents had gotten to know me (there are not too many 14 year olds who are new to pony club) one of them had an idea. She had an older mare who needed exercise and I needed something to ride. After much discussion my parents agreed to lease the mare for a few months if I liked her. I was thrilled, and even though I was scared to ride after my last fall I spent every waking moment dreaming about this mare. I went to try her out and I was too scared to do anything more than walk. The pony club mom figured that she was getting a horse out of her barn so she wasn’t too worried about it.

When I brought the mare, Teisha, to a barn by my home I had such big dreams, and yet I would still only walk. My Mom had met my trainer at her work and on a whim hired her to see if she could help me out. Within a month I was walk/trot/cantering and jumping 2 foot courses. I was living my wildest dreams! Teisha was literally the horse of my dreams. She took care of me in every sense of the word. If I would start to come off she would just adjust herself so she was right underneath me again. She never spooked, never refused a jump. She was awesome.

If it were not for Teisha I don’t know if I would have kept riding. She gave me enough confidence to last me all the rest of the way through high school. I only rode her for a few months (turns out she had three bone chips in her knee…a fact that no one mentioned to me) before she went back, but those few months were literally the things that dreams are made of.

I am sure that she has passed by now, but I always kept an ear out for how she was doing. I found out about 10 years ago that a family loved her and took her to use as a companion horse. They treated her well and she made the move out to Colorado with them. She was a wonderful horse so it made me so happy to hear that at the endo of her life she was surrounded by people that adored her!


3 thoughts on “Day Four: 30 Day Challenge

  1. These “first horses” and “lesson horses” are worth their weight in gold. They give their riders such confidence.

  2. I think everyone needs a Teisha in their life. I had one when I was first learning to ride. I agree with the others-they are worth their weight in gold! 🙂

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