Day Three: 30 Day Challenge

Day Three: A picture of your best riding

This is a picture from the summer of 2010 during a clinic with Rebecca Cowden. So I know this is not catalog perfect riding, but I think that I look like I can ride in this picture. I mean, my upper body is not flopsy like it normally is. I am almost totally vertical in the back which means…drum roll please…I am clearly using my seat. My leg is not exactly the draping leg that all of us dressage riders are after, but considering this is me, I am totally fine with the leg position. Even my toe is not turned out as much as it normally would be.

If you look at this picture I don’t think you could tell that I am just a pleasure rider. I mean, it looks like I am really riding! Plus Phoenix looks like a well trained dressage horse and not a youngster that I trained myself. I have prettier equitation photos, but I don’t feel like just sitting pretty is my best riding. In this picture you can clearly see me being totally effective as a rider…and that my friends is worth more than a thousand words!


2 thoughts on “Day Three: 30 Day Challenge

  1. You and Phoenix both look pretty darn good! You should be proud of this photo. I remember when you took this clinic and you were really happy with how you rode. It’s nice to have pictures that remind us of those days.

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