The Magical Creature Next Door…

So yesterday my horse was in rare form. When I went to get him he was totally in a playful mood. Instead of running to me like he normally does, he ran past me. And then turned around and ran past me again. I am always up for a good game of tag so I ended up playing back with him. I don’t recommend that sort of thing for everyone but Gen knows not to take things too far. After a few minutes with both of us running around like idiots we were both out of breath. I felt bad right away because clearly Gen’s leg was not up for the beating he gave it. It was a little warm and puffy after our play session. So was Gen though so I decided it was time for a little walk to help cool him out.

Well…that wasn’t our best idea because Gen knew that there was a monster hiding in the driveway…I didn’t believe him, but man did he prove me wrong! For the record I can walk Gen all over the earth if I choose. He goes wherever I tell him to go…the problem is that sometimes he will get there on two legs. My goal with the walks is not just to do it, but get him to do it to the point where it is no big deal for him. Gen really did not get the “no big deal memo” yesterday!

Gen was still pretty up from our play session so he was looking for trouble right off the bat...

He swore that he saw a dragon hiding in the neighbors yard...

But I was able to remind him that dragons are not real so on our way we went...

But Gen was NOT giving up...there was something scary out there...he was sure of it!

We only made it a few more feet when Gen heard a monster heading his way...

You might be seeing a little Jack Russel in this picture, but Gen wants you all to know that is no is clearly a Blast-End Skrewt

Luck for me Gen knows that I am much scarier than any magical creature so eventually he settled down. These walks are turning out to be much more adventurous than I could have ever dreamed they would be!

*Just as a note…as you can tell my blogging mojo is lagging as of late. I decided to take some inspiration from Standardbred Excellence and do a 30 day horse blogger challenge. I hope that some of you out there join me so we can all write some more! If you want more current updates about Gen and I and you have a facebook account you can “like” a horse and a half blog. I will make sure to post the picture the day that I can finally get all four of Gen’s feet on the ground to the end of the driveway !!! It might take us all 30 days to get there though!*


4 thoughts on “The Magical Creature Next Door…

  1. I may take you up on that 30 day challenge, now that I may have something challenging to blog about! “”wink””

    I love your blogs where Gen is the hero of his own littale adventures! You’re creative writing and his great equine expressions in the pictures are a perfect pairing!

  2. Good job Gen for trying to protect your mom from the Blast Ended Screwt. Everybody knows they looks like big lumps but are in fact exceedingly dangerous.

    And PS OTB – I don’t think you can say you’ve lost your blogging mojo when you’ve managed to work in two Harry Potter references into your horse blog in one week. Just sayin’.

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