No riding :(

So between my friend with the Pinto’s schedule and my own we couldn’t find a time to meet this weekend. That means that I can’t ride her horse this weekend. I don’t want to ride the SchoolMaster at the moment, so that means no riding this weekend. I don’t even know what I am going to do with myself this weekend. I guess I will do all of the stuff that normal people do on the weekends like clean.

I could really use some good horse luck right now. When Gen got his toes trimmed on Wednesday and again last night I noticed that he was having a hard time on his bad leg. I am hoping that the tendons, etc are just tried from spending the day in the mud. I hate to see his bad leg shake when I am picking his feet. I know it doesn’t really mean anything except that the leg is tired, but it still isn’t something I want to see.

I need a round of good horse luck again because right now I am not feeling so positive…


4 thoughts on “No riding :(

  1. Woke up this morning about 3:30 with the sound of wind. I’m so sick of the term “wind chill”–the temp gauge may read 40, but when the wind blows from the south and passes over the snow-covered San Gabriels 17 miles to the south, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t FEEL 40 at all. Fed this morning about 7 and was outside a total of three minutes. My horse managed to leave the shelter of his stall to sample the hay in the wheelbarrow, then went right back into his stall (a subtle, “No patio dining for me this morning, thanks” ;o) I got in the house and my fingers (50 minutes later) are STILL cold.

    Better horse luck for those of us who have weather issues–and Gen’s bad leg is probably stressed from dealing with the muck and mire, as you say. I have an e-mail acquaintance with a very sick horse (several issues. Her vet is perplexed. She said she feels like her horse is a patient on an episode of “House”) When I’m complaining about the weather, I think of what she’s going through. It helps put MY “troubles” into perspective.

  2. Eww, housework! 😉 Vaccuming is my nemesis, and with two dogs in spring time, I seem to do far too much of it. Too bad things didn’t work out with the Pinto this weekend, and I hope Gen’s feeling better. That isn’t quite what I wanted to say, but the words just aren’t flowing. My brain juices have all dried up, so we’ll stick with just plain old well wishes.
    On another note, I realized that different web browsers have my name different. I am in fact the same person, and there is only one of me. Kate, Katie, Katja, etc. Not that it really matters in the end…

  3. Sorry you won’t be able to ride this weekend. Are you talking housecleaning??? Yuck. I would rather clean stalls and clean tack! 🙂 Sending good thoughts your way!

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