If I had a million dollars…

This horse would so be a project pony for me. Isn’t he adorable!! I hope that he is really small or bad under saddle because I am very tempted. I just need to remind myself…I can’t afford 2 right now…I can’t afford 2 right now….I can’t afford 2 right now. He is really cute though!


6 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars…

  1. I subscribe to several horse rescue newsletters and blogs. I check out every TB. “Window shopping.” I cannot afford another horse, either. It’s twice the expense, but the work increases geometrically — and so, it seems, does the “output” ;o)

    I donate where I can. You too sound like you have a full plate with work and all. But it doesn’t hurt to dream, and if you play the Lottery, well, someone has to win it ;o)

  2. I won’t tell you his height but he is a very sturdy boy. And very sweet. You should come meet him in a few weeks when he’s out of quarantine!

    I mean, no, don’t… This is me not encouraging anyone… 🙂

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