I have way too much stuff!

Look at all that junk! That is all the stuff I decided to get rid of and bring to the tack sale tonight. See those blankets?

These ones here.

Four of them are brand spanking new (the green one on the bottom left and the blue one on the top left are used). They even still have the tags on them! You know you have too much stuff when…you have an entire set of brand new blankets for a horse who lives naked all winter. In my defense a lot of the stuff in the top picture was for Phoenix. That bright purple halter is totally Phoenix…Gen would never be caught dead in that! And drum roll please. I am super proud of myself for getting rid of two pairs of boots! Go me! They are brand new SMBs of course, I am proud of myself for letting go (I am almost down to only 20 pairs!). I think in time I will get rid of all but one of each kind (maybe I will keep a few Pegasus boots just in case). I can’t wait to get rid of all of this stuff. It feels so liberating. The scary thing is how much horse stuff I still have left!


7 thoughts on “I have way too much stuff!

  1. Wow, I have a pile at my house too, so don’t feel bad. I am going to host a tack sale at my barn (IL) this summer just to get rid of lots of tack.

    What size is the blue plaid blanket?

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