Product Review: Irideon Cadence Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches

No…obviously this is not me in this picture.

So last year I struggled to find white breeches that were not see through. It has not been an issue in years past, but for some reason it seemed like the companies were picking thinner, and cheaper, fabrics. Even some of my old favorites were just not up to snuff. I had set myself a price limit of $100 for a pair of show breeches. After several months and over a dozen pairs that were see through I finally listened to owner of Hill farm and splurged on a $120 pair of Irideon Cadence Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches.

And I can honestly say that they were worth every penny. I have owned several pairs of white breeches over the years and these are hands down my favorite. In fact, they are so great that the Young Rider had to match me and went out and get a pair for herself for show breeches. The comfort level is what sets these apart. They are technically like a riding tight. There are no zippers, they are pull-on’s. But instead of the sloppy, unstructured look of a riding tight they look like a breech. They give you support in the tummy and thigh area, but they still allow you to move totally unencumbered.

The “Cord” part of the breech is not cordaroy at all, but instead it is a ribbing. This makes them a little bit on the warmer side, so I don’t think they would work for you in a Florida summer heat wave, but for someone who lives in a more of a seasonal environement (like myself) they are perfect because you can use them in the spring, summer and fall without worrying about temperature. It really has been a surprise to me to see how these breeches have been able to keep me comfortable even with the big temperature swings.

One of the other things I love about these breeches is the look. The leather, or fake leather more accurately, never got pilly (is that even a word) like other breeches have. And even though the black of the boots and saddle did stain it a little bit above the knee, it really has stayed very white and not gotten that dingy look. Which also says something about durability because I am hard on a pair of breeches. Ususally once I am done showing I don’t put sweats back on so I am in my white beeches taking care of the horse, unhooking my trailer, etc. After every show I come home and put them in the washer right away on the whitest whites cycle with bleach and dry them after. And these breeches bounce back every time. You would think they would start to fall apart from abuse. I will have to check, but something tells me they would not encourage me to put these in the dryer with full heat for an hour after every show. I have had them for all of my time with Phoenix and they still look brand new. They also just have a cool feel to them texture wise with the ribbing. They look like more expensive breeches.

I know $120 is expensive, but considering how much I love these, I totally think it is worth it for anyone planning on showing dressage. You can buy $75 breeches, but they often look like $75 breeches and are not always comfortable. They normally have the annoying tab things at the ankle which are super uncomfortable. These breeches do not, and even the elastic doesn’t pull your skin like some of the cheaper breeches do. They also don’t have that custom fit feel of a $300 breech, which is fine with me because I don’t want to spend $300 on a pair of breeches I will only wear at shows. And now that I have found these Irideon Cadence Breeches I know I don’t have to!

It is almost like thinking of your favorite pair of stretchy pants and giving them the look of your most professional looking work slacks. They shouldn’t go together, but they do. So if you are looking to buy a new pair of white breeches for showing I think that you need to give these a try.


8 thoughts on “Product Review: Irideon Cadence Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches

  1. I have a pair of these – only in green. They are super comfy and were one of my favorite pairs. Until the full seat material shredded. Every inch of it is shredded and thinned down to wear it is now basically see-through (so I can’t wear them anymore unless i want to show off my undies). So frustrating! I’m not sure if it’s something I did, but glad to know it’s not typical of these. So I can buy another pair! 🙂

  2. This is an excellent review, and when I get to the point where I’m showing again, I will certainly consider a pair of these in white. I agree with you–$300 breeches are for the serious (no, make that “SERIOUS!!!!!”) exhibitor as well as the trainer-slash-professional who may be wearing them because he/she is sponsored by the company. And that’s fine, but that isn’t my world. I’d rather pay less and have more money for lessons, fuel to haul to/from the lessons–I’m afraid to see what the price of gas has climbed to overnight here in sunny Southern California– and more basic stuff like that ;o)

    My complaint with breeches is, there is no quality control in their manufacture. I’ve bought several pairs of breeches in various price ranges–getting the same size, color, brand, style–and had each pair fit me differently. The fabric IS thinner–the breeches get little holes in them like much-loved T-shirts do–and the Clarino not only gets “pilly” (if that isn’t a word, it certainly should be ;o), but I had one pair of breeches that I wore twice. After the second washing (cold water, gentle cycle, line dry) that looked like someone had taken a shoer’s rasp and rubbed the full-seat furiously all along the seamline where the seat attached to the breech (if that makes sense).

    I know that many times we DO get what we pay for, but that isn’t always the case with breeches. It’s good to know that Irideon Cadence Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches passes muster. Thanks again for the report!

  3. Completely off topic:

    I have a boot question for you since you’ve tried virtually every sort of boot on the planet or in the known universe on Gen. Can you recommend a good pair of hind boots to me? I need hind (tendon) only for my mare.


    • Thanks for your help. Do front boots work well to replace hind? I know Pegasus doesn’t make hind boots, or not that I can find.

      What is the sizing of Gen’s boots? I’d have to see if they’d fit my 15hh Quarter Horse mare.

      • Molly’s tendon injury is old. Neither the farrier, the vet or her previous owner caught it before. She was given to us by a friend to be a companion to my Casey. She’s been mostly retired for the last 6 years, but we do ride her occasionally. I noticed that she drags a rear toe when she walks sometimes. It was denounced as laziness by professionals and nothing to worry about. Then, this winter I noticed that under saddle with my 16 yr old riding her, that tendon on the same leg seems “springy-er”, more elastic than it should be. I then noticed she seems off in her hocks and kept a close eye on her, asking about old injuries. Then, I found it. Higher up and on the opposite leg from where I thought the issue is. An old tendon injury. No idea how old since no one from her previous life knew about it. While she’s not really fixable, and I’m not going to spend a ton of money fixing her at her age (18 this year), I just want to give her a bit more support when we ride or work. So, thanks for all your help!

        I have a pair of Moxie front boots. Do you think those would work just fine on her hind legs?

  4. Being a trail rider I usually don’t shop for breeches, BUT I do own a few pair of the Irideon polar fleece breeches for winter riding. I don’t show, nor do I even do ring work, except for playing with obstacles, we pretty much just trail ride. But I have to honestly say I do love riding in breeches for their comfort and seamless seams. It’s also easier abuse on my sadddle without the heavy crotch seams jeans have. My sister is always joking with me that i look like a confused cross dresser (western/trail/english)…I don’t usually use my big , heavy western saddle. I use my Tucker endurance saddle, with roundedskirt, no breast collar, small pad…she says my horse looks half-naked…LOL. In the summer I find myself riding in cropped (they only come mid-calf) stretchy pants with half chaps to protect my legs from brush and trees. After riding all I have to do is change my shoes and take off my half chaps and I’m ready for the summer heat. Plus when we take the horses in creeks I can take off the shoes and chaps and cool off with my horse.

  5. Great review! I have no need to buy these but I have bought the Irideon WindPro Breeches. They are FANTASTIC for winter riding! My hubby has a pair in black that he wears for winter endurance rides. He swears by them. I do not put them in the dryer though. He has one pair that is on it’s third year. 🙂

  6. We just bought a pair of these in black just recently to go under chaps for western classes. They ARE really nice. For English classes our show breeches are Ovation. I wish I could tell you the style because they are super nice – fairly thick and very stretchy. After we bought the first pair, I immediately ordered a second pair because I liked them so much and with my luck, they’d discontinue them!

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