Contest Time!!!!

So I have to thank my readers out there for making this contest possible. A few of you told the folks over at Absorbine that my blog was one of your favorites (THANK YOU!) so they contacted me asking if I wanted to have a contest. The answer was easy…who wouldn’t want the chance to give their awesome readers some free stuff?!?! Absorbine is giving me the chance to give five of you a bottle of their brand new ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener. How cool is that? I have not gotten a chance to use it myself, but from an idea stand point I love the possibility of detangling and whitening all at the same time. How many of you just thought, “if that works I am so getting a bottle”…I have a feeling anyone out there who has a horse with any white markings on them is dying to try the ShowSheen Stain Remover and Whitener out, especially since most people don’t give their horses a bath in February!

So now let me tell you how you can win your very own bottle shipped straight to your home. I thought it would be a fun little contest to see how well my readers really know my Gennyral. Below are three pictures of gray horse necks and three very dirty winter horse tails. Can you pick out which neck and tail belongs to my sweet Gen? To enter the contest all you need to do is comment with the number of the neck photo and tail photo that you think is Gen’s. The first five people to get it right win! Sounds easy right? And before anyone asks, no this is not a trick. The two other models for these photos were the other boarders horse and the barn owners horse. Can you spot which pictures are of the handsomest horse ever even without seeing his sweet face? Good luck!

Neck 1

Neck 2

Neck 3

Tail 1

Tail 2

Tail 3


35 thoughts on “Contest Time!!!!

  1. I vote Neck #2, tail #3. I’m almost a hundred percent sure it’s neck #2, I spent quite a bit of time staring at it when I was photoshopping him. But then again, maybe I’m wrong!

    Great idea for a contest!

  2. I’m going with tail #2, and neck #1, though I’m pretty sure I’m wrong. Even if I don’t win, I think I’ll still find a way to get my hands on a bottle of that stuff…..

  3. Hi OTB-
    Just so you know I still read…and love your blog I’m just not blogging myself at this time 😦 I’m so busy, writing things on FB is easier. I still try to keep up with my favorite blogs though! :-).
    Even tho- Grif has just a tiny bit of white on his pastern, I’ll take a shot (because I Gennyral is my favorite Thoroughbred)!
    My guess is neck shot#2 and tail shot#3 🙂
    I find those to be the cleanest looking photos and I KNOW you take awesome care of your boy!

  4. Here’s my guess – neck #3 and tail #1. Cool contest! This is fun! I don’t even have my own horse right now but there are a bunch of school horses at my barn of all colors who this would be fun to try on! It would be fun to experiment on all sorts of white stockings, paint patches and appy spots!

  5. Unbelievable! Great minds think alike I tell you… I have a group of pictures sitting in my camera for a very similar contest on my blog.

    And now for my guesses:
    Neck #3, and Tail #1.

    Did I win, did I win????

  6. The pictures for Tails 2 and 3 did not come up (got the box with the red “X”) so I can’t enter–though I think Gen’s neck is #2–but anyone with a horse carrying a major “chrome alert” (love that expression ;o) can use this product, too. My OTTB has four socks. I’m going to buy a bottle. Love Absorbine products!

  7. oh poo…there’s already a bunch of neck#2 and tail #3’s….oh well. I would need to have that whitener by the drum for my poor white pony. she rolled the other day and someone sent me a pic and I swear she looks like a tri-color paint…big black, brown and white patches

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