Chore to Cherish

So I have had a pretty busy week this week. Nothing bad, just lots of stuff going on. I feel like I have not have 10 minutes to myself to just sit down and be still since last weekend! Last night I was starting to get tired. I have been having so much fun that I have hardly had any time to sleep! By the time I left work yesterday I felt like a total zombie. I needed a break from my hectic schedule, but I had not yet seen Gen. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see him today so I sat in my car in the parking lot trying to talk myself in to going to the barn. It was one of the very few times in the years that I have had a horse where I felt like it was a chore. I pouted to myself about how I HAD to go to the barn since I wasn’t going to go tomorrow and so I sighed, started up the car and headed off for what felt like a chore.

As soon as I got to the barn the husband owner was walking out of it. He took one look at me and started laughing. Dirty aparently did not accuratly begin to describle how much of a mud ball Gen was. I walked to Gen’s stall and sure enough I saw a Chestnut with a big blaze staring back at me. I started to laugh to because he had rolled so hard so many times that even the backs of his ears were dirty! Really Gen, Really? He looked so proud of himself that I couldn’t help but find him absolutly adorable!

I grabbed my brushed and set to work. I decided to groom him in his stall so Gen sat there eating his hay ignoring me while I tried to find the gray horse hiding under all of that mud. As I stood there working I got such a sense of being at peace. Yes, I was still tired, but i was also so happy to just be there. I felt any stress I had melting away and instead I felt this amazing inner calm that I only get by being with my horse. As I stood there cleaning my horse as the sky went from inky blue to black I thought about how lucky I am. How many people get such an amazing way to break up their day? Going to the barn went from feeling like a chore to one of those moments that I know I will always Cherish in about 5 minutes flat.


4 thoughts on “Chore to Cherish

  1. I have had LOTS of days where the pace has been hectic but the work has been fun–and all of a sudden, there’s a crash when the body says, “ENOUGH, already!” and the rest of what I have to do is just too much.

    However, there is always something about being around horses (with me it’s ANY horse ;o) that sort of “centers” me again and I can focus on the horses, the activity around them (grooming, feeding, blanketing, turning out, bringing in, cleaning the stall, you-name-it), and suddenly I’m not tired anymore … or I’m not AS tired, and I find the strength I need to finish what I’m doing and THEN go home to crash.

    I keep my horse at home, so getting to the barn involves putting on the appropriate outerwear and walking about 30 feet outside my back door. Having the horse at home offers a lot of benefits, but it’s like having a vacation home at the beach (that’s always where you take your vacation, so after awhile it doesn’t seem like a vacation at all). My day after I get home from my part-time job will involve some sort of horse chore(s). Like you, I sometimes wish I could take a break from that, but once I’m doing whatever needs doing with the horse, I feel energized.

    Good post! And I know Gen approved of your hard work because he’ll have the chance to “improve” on his appearance again tomorrow ;o)

  2. Horses have a way of helping us de-stress don’t they? We have ours at home which is a blessing…and a curse. Every so often I think how nice it would be to take a real vacation.

  3. I know that feeling. I can be stressed, furious, angry, sad, frustrated, etc. but the second I get to the barn, it all melts away. I think part of the reason is that my focus shifts wholly and completely onto the task at hand, leaving no room for anything else. Its a rare gift that my short attention span and distractability don’t often afford 😛

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