Good Enough to Eat?

So they were running low on silent auction items this year for one of my GMO award banquets. As most of you know, I normally make some horse themed candies for my friends over the Christmas. I was asked to help out by donating a box of candy. Since I was going to take the time to make them I figured I might as well make a few boxes. So what do you all think?

I am oddly nervous that no one is going to buy them! I know that it is not in my control if people bid on them, I am not even going to the banquet, yet for some reason I really care if they are purchased. The colors for this GMO are black and yellow hence the yellow ribbon. They will obviously be sold separately and displayed nicely (not in a big boring brown box) so I hope they look enticing. I know a lot of people from my area that are in this GMO read my blog, yet don’t know me so I hope that they will take pitty on me and bid on my candy if they are going to the awards banquet on Sunday. Do you think that they look good enough to eat? Would you bid on them? I am trying to be objective and I think that I would bid on them if I saw them. They are cute right? I am going to be so humiliated if no one bids on any of them…


15 thoughts on “Good Enough to Eat?

  1. They are so nice- I am jealous that you made them. Chocolates are not something I can get right. I think they will do well, don’t worry.

  2. I would absolutely bid on them and LOVE them. I’d give the white chocolate to my mom, but the dark and milk chocolate? Mine mine all mine. 🙂

  3. OMG I will buy one, or all of them! Just tell me where this banquet is. I devoured the ones you sent “from Boomer” for Vday already!

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