Gen’s February Bath

So for the first time that I can remember it was warm enough in February to give Gen a bath! Since we have a hot water at Hill farm my rule for a bath is above 60 degrees and Sunny. When I saw a warm day coming up last Friday there was no way that I could pass it up. The major draw back of a naked pony in the winter is how very, very dirty he can get his whole body. It has been driving me nuts! I practically ran out of work on Friday on time so that I would have time to scrub Gen white and let him dry before the weather got cool again. I mean, it has already snowed since Friday with more on the way tonight.

Gen thinks that it is cruel to give a horse a bath when there is still snow and ice on the ground. The look on his face is that of a pony who does not think that his Mommy would be so mean.

Clearly he underestimates my love of a clean pony!

Poor Gen, wet, cold, unhappy and with one shoe on. His life sucks…I should have taken a picture of my face…I was glowing with joy!

See that river? That is actually the driveway! If was the first time in 55 days that there was grass exposed! A record in this area. Gen almost felt like a bath was worth the chance to nibble on some grass…almost.

Gen thinks that someone out there should come out and rescue him! His is clearly ABUSED!!

Does Gen not look completely and utterly defeated in this picture?

Look at that white pony against the snow! And check out that tail! I love looking at a sparkling pony! Gen might not think so, but I think it was totally worth it!

So which side are you on…Gen’s or mine? Is it cruel to give a horse a bath in the winter when it is 65 degrees outside? I would just like to point out how white he is in the photo above before you make a decision.


9 thoughts on “Gen’s February Bath

  1. 60+ and sunny isn’t that bad – especially with hot water and a snazzy blanket (with his name embroidered on it! cute!). Gen does look a bit defeated though…poor guy. lol

    I have tail envy – his tail is so nice and thick and white! My horse’s tail is very sad and it is still waayyy to cold to even consider washing it. That will be the first thing I do when it is warm though!

  2. Speaking as the owner of a horse that is chestnut with a major “chrome alert” going on (all four legs AND the star-strip-snip down the face) AND as an owner who complained about THAT when she was considering purchasing him, I commend you on attacking the dirty very light gray all over pony. To me 65 degrees is more than balmy enough for a bath, particularly with a) warm water; b) a fancy personalized cooler to wear while drying; and c) GRAZING privileges.

    Gen has NOTHING to complain about. Do not fall for his “pity me” faces. He is pushing your buttons.


  3. I for one love a nice clean pony! Sorry Gen, baths are not considered cruel in my book. Especially if your mum puts a cooler on you in 60 degree sunshine and lets you graze. 🙂

  4. Correction: Gen thinks it is cruel to give a horse a bath in ANY weather.

    As the former rider of a grey horse, I’m totally on your mom’s side. Sorry, Gen. Ace is just lucky he’s bay and wears a winter blanket.

  5. I’m on Gen’s side. My white arab is retired and loves dirt as well. Not bathing him in the winter is one of his perks of being retired. So I save those for really warm days, and then, the bath is more for me than him.

  6. I own a white —err dirty yellow / brown pony….soooo jealous!!! Although I spent two hours shop vacumming and brushing to get a decent clean…only to have her roll and grind that dirt right back in……my sis said as we were on our way to team penning that my horse looks like she’s been neglected!!! I let my horse be a horse, but I’m with you in that I dream of a sparkling white pony….

  7. I have a pinto with WAY to much white on her. Clean white is the BEST feeling in the world. She has half a white mane, no white in her tail, so I don’t have that joy, but I think a clean, white, healthy, full tail may be the most beautiful bunch of horse hair that exists. I’m just glad I don’t have to maintain it! And sorry Gen, my guy HATES baths too, but he’s had them on 50s, cloudy, and wind. You have to RUSH through the body and do the main and tail with a cooler on. I’ve even had to do it in 40s and just do a sponge bath in the barn. 60s are definitely fair game!

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