Why are my horses feet changing color????

So Gen is obviously due for a trim, but that is not what is freaking me out.

Can you see anything different about the right hind foot?

I am a little worried because Gen’s foot is starting to change color!! Has anyone out there experienced this? Why are his feet going from black to white? This is assuming that the whole foot will change eventually. I know that Gen’s body is getting lighter each day, but I never thought his feet would change color. Is something happening to cause this? My first thought was maybe it is a mineral deficiency or something…but I have not been able to find a single mention of a horses feet changing color, online or in my old horse care books. Could it be significant that this foot is the one diagonal from his injured let? I am really hoping someone out there can give me some insight about what is happening to my Gennyral. I have just never heard of a foot changing color before!


15 thoughts on “Why are my horses feet changing color????

  1. Got me by the short hairs—


    As long as there is not heat, swelling, lameness, bad aromas, then Do Not Flip Out. Watch it, but don’t kill yourself with worry. I’ll look around/ ask around and see what kind of info we can come up with on this end.

  2. This is just a guess … but maybe it just has to do with the fact that it’s wet. If your weather has been warmer this week like ours has, the snow and ice is melting making for very wet conditions during turnout. You know how you do dishes or go swimming and your finger nails change? Mine lose color too. Maybe that’s what is happening with his hoof.

    Totally a wild guess, but one that has a little bit of common sense behind it.

  3. Maybe it has to do with the weather like Jackie says.

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s getting older. Hair coat changes color (get’s grey), so why not feet – think about horses with white legs, their feet are also white. Because Gen is grey you probably haven’t noticed him getting more grey.

    Also, are you SURE that his feet are changing color? You have so many pictures of his feet, look back a couple of years and see what that particular foot and that particular angle looks like.

    His feet look normal to me.

  4. nothing to flip out over. horses feet change color sometimes for odd reasons. Weather, moisture, age, deficiency, and other random reasons you wouldn’t think of.
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  5. My two older (20 and 29) mares’ hooves have changed color slightly over the years. I always forget to ask my farrier, but he’s never said anything (and he is super fantastic) nor have they had any issues. 🙂

    Does he have a club foot on that left hind?

  6. Ozzy is bay with no white markings. He always had four blue feet. All of a sudden, he started getting some white in his left hind. It’s been 3 years and now the entire underside of his LH is white!!! John (my trimmer) says it’s pretty common. I wouldn’t worry.

  7. I don’t know how much surface your farrier rasps off when he “cleans” the hoof up but underneath the black color the hoof is white. You can rasp through to the white and not hurt the hoof supposedly. Right now Legs has some white showing in one part of his hoof for that reason.

  8. I may not have the answer but my mare has the same thing happening however she hoofs are so much more prominent
    and it is already half way down! her hoofs changed color and are now growing out WHITE they were BLACK much liked striped hoofs, but this is around! the other day I was looking at her filly who is 3 years old now and her hoofs are doing the same thing, I’m thinking it may be weather. I sent and old friend who is a farrier pictures and asked but haven’t heard back yet, doesn’t seem to be bothering either one of them! so I’m not to concerned! But I have never seen it either!
    I’ll re-post if I get an answer.

  9. I came to this page because my 8 year old gelding’s back left hoof has changed color, with part of it coming in white. I asked the vet about it and she didn’t have an answer for me,other than to say that because that particular hoof is a coronet (white above the hoof) that might be the reason. However, in the last couple days I’ve also noticed that he seems every so stiff in that leg, and I was watching him walk up to the barn and he seems to throw that leg in “ever so slightly” when he’s walking. When I go to touch his leg he swats me with his tail and picks his foot up (he’s always as long as I’ve had him, stood with that hoof cocked….he had pinfiring done on his back legs as he must have been injured on the track being a standardbred trotter) Anyway, now the hoof has changed color on and it’s freaking me out!!!!!

  10. Oh boy, am i glad to hear that other people have experianced the same thing as me, my pony is supposed to have two white hooves at the back and two black hooves at the front, but for some strange reason the front ones are now turning white,very strange.

  11. My horse hoofs are doing the same thing they were black and now one is completely white and others turning as well please let me know if you find anything out

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