If I ever get a mare…

So even though I have been keeping an eye out for a second horse, I have only been doing it half heartidly. I really am okay with now with Gen and the Schoolmaster and so is my wallet! I know I am not alone though in day dreaming about horses so during one of my day dreams I was thinking about a beautiful black draft cross. I have the perfect name for her. You ready for this greatness? My perfect mare name is:

Bellatrix Lestrange

For those of you who are not totally dorks like myself the name Bellatrix Lestrange comes from the Harry Potter book series. In the movies the character is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, for those of you who have seen the movie but can’t place the name check out the pictured below.

Remember her now? Can you tell why I would want to name my mare after her?

You see the thing about Bellatrix Lestrange is that she is a complete and total E V I L bitch…

I used to be a mare person, but the older I get the more I like the temperament of a gelding. The old saying that you can tell a gelding, but you have to ask a mare has proven to be true in my experience. One day I spent over 2 hours trying to load a mare on to a trailer. I got her on eventually, but that was a total test of mental endurance. Even with the worst geldings I have never had it take more than an hour to load.

Before you all yell at me, I know that all mares are not evil. It is just always a barn joke that they are and I am all for taking that joke and running with it.

Just the hearing the name Bellatrix Lestrange over the loud speaker at a show would strike fear into my competitors. It is such a totally strong and powerful name because she is such a strong and powerful character. I just love it. One of my favorite lines describes her as catlike because she enjoys playing with her food before she kills it. Plus you can make tons of nick names with it. Your mare could be Bell, Bella, or Trixie and that is just using the first name!

So what do you all think? I always say not to name horses things like “lady killer” or “wild ride” but for some reason I love this name so much that I would disregard my own advice. Since the chances of me getting a second horse are slim I don’t think I need to worry about horse names anytime soon. If I ever do get that big beautiful mare that I dream of at least I have her name already picked out!


11 thoughts on “If I ever get a mare…

  1. Ha! I already had my “evil black mare” horse owning experience. We were together for just over 20 years. Her name was Alta Speranza but she aquired many more “colorful” names along the way. One of my favorites was what the Spanish groom used to call her – “Diabla Negra” – the black she-devil.

  2. I have to say, I love the name! I don’t think it’d really work unless the mare was either black, or a very dark bay. Haha, black Selle Francais x TB mare. Almost as bad as a chestnut TB mare 😉

  3. Hahahah, I LOVE IT! And I agree, the mare would have do be DARK. Maybe a small star on the forehead. Hmmmm. I’d love to name a horse that, and have her personality be the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Everyone would have this preconceived notion that she was mean, but when they meet her she would nuzzle and pretty much crawl into their lap. ROFL!
    Maybe a retired QH racehorse. I have seen some beauties out there, and then there is the even temperament [if they aren’t TOO inbred ;)]

  4. LOL! I love the name! I would only want to own a mare, personally. In fact, I own three right now and we joke that my barn is the “sorority”. I click with mares and all their attitude. 🙂 I have ridden some nice geldings, but I honestly think I get a much closer bond to mares. They have this maternal, alpha, loyal thing going on that I can relate to much better as a human.

    My Sparky is even a RED HEADED mare! But she is fabulous and I adore her.

  5. You are TOTALLY asking for trouble with that one! I did shudder the first time I read it.

    I vote go with Nymphadora Tonks. You get the sweet moments here and there, yet it’s still fitting for the constant mood changes. And Tonks makes a great barn name, too.

  6. L-O-V-E it! I should hate Bellatrix, but I kinda like her. I think it’s her eccentricity and I like the name. I think more than “asking” for evil, you’re “asking” for a really smart horse. That actually may be harder to handle!

  7. Funny thing… my mom has a Warlander (Andalusian/Friesian) who came with the name Narcissa. We hated it. So we had to name her Bella, after Narcissa’s sister. I think it fits:

    (But really, she can be quite sweet and fancy. She just has a hidden Bellatrix side to her personality.)

  8. Love the name but be careful that you don’t create a monster in a mare by the name. I have learned my lesson with being careful on naming your animal. I had a horse named Luna and she quickly become Luney Tunes-she turned out to be a little nutty and definitely a little crazy- 🙂

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