What is your Super Bowl?

So today I was talking to a kid and when I asked him what his dream was he told me that he wanted to go to the Super Bowl. I love that dream, but it is hard as a grown up to fully support that dream. As we get older we learn that good is not always good enough. That luck and chance have just as much to do with making it as hard work. The more I experience life the less I dream for greatness and instead aspire to better than average. Ask any 10 year old pony clubber what they dream of and chances are they dream to go to the Olympics, and yet somewhere along the way we loose that.

So while I was talking to this kid he made a very good point. He said that the Super Bowl is the biggest game of his world (he obviously played football) but that lots of people have their own Super Bowls. He explained that to him the Super Bowl was the one game that he could play if all of the stars aligned for him. I like that line of thought and it made me thinking about my own life. What would be the one show that I could compete at if all the stars aligned?

I know I could never be an Olympian, nor do I honestly think that I could ever ride Grand Prix so the World Equestrian Games are out. I think that “the biggest game in my world” is Dressage at Devon. If all the stars align I could totally show 4th level at Devon with some luck and lots of hard work.

What about you? What is your Super Bowl?


10 thoughts on “What is your Super Bowl?

  1. Definitely Dressage at Devon. It’s been that for a while. I don’t even care if I don’t show in the Dixon Oval. I just want to be good enough to show there. But also I want to achieve certain awards, which you could equate to the Super Bowl ring. I want an All Breed award and I want to earn my USDF medals some day. Wish me luck b/c I’m going to need it!

  2. For me it’s Jersey Fresh. I know how hard it is to find and maintain an upper event level horse, and Rolex is a bit of a stretch… But I with the right horse, a 2* is doable. JF is in my backyard and has special meaning to me so I’d love to ride it just once.

  3. At this stage of my game, my Superbowl would be foxhunting first flight. If not simply with our local hunt, then hunting somewhere like Virginia or even Ireland. I know with the right horse I could do this and I’d love it.

    My other choice would be to have a horse capable of competing in the Hunter Derby classes but that’s too rich for my blood, even though I know I’d enjoy riding in it immensely.

  4. My super bowl’d be Rolex. Do I honestly think I’d ever be able to get there? Not really, but you can’t win if you don’t try, right?
    That’s a very eloquent kid you’ve got there. Eloquent, and insightful!

  5. I don’t have one right now, but with Scotty (my previous horse) I was determined to do a Training Level 3-Day, (with roads & tracks and steeplechase). We could have done it and it was the goal I was working toward.
    With my current horse, I will be thrilled to do Beginner Novice at a Horse Trial. Nothing further in mind yet.

  6. I have a tendency to be a dreamer and I think that you need to dream big if you are going to dream-I guess I still have that 10 year old pony clubber in me- 🙂

    That being said-Dressage at Devon would be an incredible experience for so many reasons-My mom and I used to go every year when I was a little girl and I can still remember being in the stands and watching all the amazing riders and horses and thinking, I want that! So, I think Dressage at Devon would mean the most to me because of the memories that I have of going there.

    After Devon-Olympics here I come!!!

  7. WEG or Olympics.

    With my current horse, I just want to make it to Grand Prix. He’s an OTTB who didn’t have the most correct education in his formative years, but he has ridiculous amounts of natural ability if I don’t screw him up! So far he has learned to completely change his way of going in the year I’ve had him, and we started over at pre-training level. Right now we’re schooling a decent amount of 3rd level, just because he keeps offering it up. I keep telling myself I must be doing something right if he’s practicing it on his own when I’m not riding!

    • (That’s not to call Grand Prix a “just”. It’s simply that I don’t think my horse is likely to ever be international quality! He could be if I were into eventing – he moves as nicely or more nicely than most top eventers, and has the scope. But he didn’t enjoy it before, and I don’t know for sure if he would enjoy it with me. I know *I* am too chicken to find out!)

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