An hour in the life of a very bored Gennyral…

With this being the worst winter in my area for many years, Gen has been spending a lot more time indoors. Normally he is outside for a good 12 hours a day. These days it can be tricky to get him out for four hours! I figured I would walk you through my normal daily visit so you can see how I entertain my very, very bored pony…

First of course is to visit him in “jail”. I walk in to the barn and start talking to him right away. I go and check him before I head to the tack room to get my brushes and treats.

After the initial hello it is time for itcheys. My horse is so weird and he has this special way that he likes his fact scratched. Being the well trained owner that I am I scratch his face until he is about ready to fall asleep. Once he is nice and sleepy I brush him to make sure that he is as handsome as possible.

Once he is nice and clean we go out for a little walk. Since the footing is crazy bad most days we just walk in the barn. Which is pretty funny to watch since the entire length of the barn is about three stills wide! Plus I don’t want to make the turns too tight so I go outside to make the turns that turn out to be almost as wide as the barn is long!

The barn cats are just as bored as the horses these days! It is not normal for me to see the cats at the barn during the time I go, but lately they have both been around looking for treats in the afternoon. One of the types of treats I have for Gen has a bag that sounds a lot the cat treats so this is Hanzel coming over to check out the action…and Gen is checking out the cat!

After his grooming and walking it is time for Gen’s self esteem boost. Every horse needs to know how great they are. I spend a few minutes telling Gen how much I love him and how perfect he is. I swear my horse licks and chews (signs of a release) after my little chat sessions. He loves hearing how great he is!

Before I go I need to put everything away and sweep the aisle. Gen loves to watch me cleaning up after him. He is such a guy!

Don’t you all wish that you were as lucky as my horse? I would love to have someone pamper me like I pamper my horse!


5 thoughts on “An hour in the life of a very bored Gennyral…

  1. He is a very lucky horse!! They LOVE the pampering, and you can see it on his face. Poor guy wants to go out! Great pics, you can really see the love between you two.

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