Horse Super Bowl Commerical 2011

Yeah, so that title is a total LIE because THERE WERE NO HORSE COMMERCIALS in the Super Bowl last night. Every year since the start of this blog I make sure to share the videos of each horsey commercial the morning after. This morning I am still full from all the yummy junk food, but I am even more annoyed at the lack of horses than I was last night.

Normally I can count on Budwiser to put up several Clydesdale centered ads. I might not love them all, but at least they there there. This year the only equines I saw were in a single Budwiser western ad and the animated equine the kids from South Park were riding in on. I mean really…that just sucks. I would think that I could count on horses and the Super Bowl always being paired, but I gets not.

Do the advertising agencies really think that having them running pulling a beer wagon is enough? That was like all of 5 seconds worth! More proof that InBev (the corporation who owns Budwiser) is going to get rid of those beautiful draft horses someday soon. They are not using the one animal that is synonymous with their beer in their commercials, which is especially crazy since the Super Bowl commercials that win them awards are the ones staring the Clydesdale’s. I guess the only good thing is that when InBev decides to get rid of their beautiful horses I will get the chance to own my very own beautifully bred Clydesdale. I am so angry right now. What do you all think? Do you look forward to the Clydesdale ads all year like I do or do you just not care that much?


11 thoughts on “Horse Super Bowl Commerical 2011

  1. I turned on the superbowl just as the budweiser ad was coming on and I was sooo excited because those are the only commercials I really look forward too. And then that was it? I was also very disappointed!

  2. I expect that the Clydesdales will be gone soon. The new company just doesn’t get it. Appearances by the teams now are by fee only, they are not promotional. Too sad.
    And overall I did not see any commercials that looked like they were especially made for the Super Bowl, just regular boring ads.

  3. I love watching those magnificent Clydesdales too….I didn’t watch the whole game and when I clicked on your page and saw the title I thought “OOOO YES!” followed by utter disappointment to find out Budweiser didn’t even have one of their horsey commercials! That is almost un-American! The Clydes and the superbowl just go hand-in-hand…at east thats what I thought….very disappointed.

  4. I’m not a football fan so I count on my hubby to call me in to watch when a good commercial comes on. The only one we liked was the kid in the Darth Vader costume. We were both so disappointed that there were no new ads featuring those beautiful Clydesdales. The new owners have NO IDEA what a treasure they have right under their noses! I got to see them up close and personal at a horse show in PA some years back. Wow! They are gorgeous!

  5. As a former employee of Anheuser I noticed the lack of the Clydesdale commercial too. They usually run a 60 seconde commercial just before the halftime show, and like you said, it usually wins best commercial.

    I do know that Anheuser does sink a lot of money into thier heard of Clydesdales and could see how the new company may not want to spend that kind of dough. But that doesn’t mean you have to erase them from the brand all together. Especially since they bring in such good advertising and product recognition.

  6. Yes, in general I LOVE the commercials…I didn’t even think there were any good ones. Disappointed and VERY disappointed about Budweiser…although I had heard rumors they were done doing the horse commercials.

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