Yet another reason to hate ice…

So Gen has been boot free for months now. Every once in a while he will get his boots on if it is muddy, but I can honestly say that since making the decision to be boot free he has had them on for maybe 5 days total in the past several month. You would think that would be enough for his sore to heal, but no. My poor pony with his immune system issues just can’t heal like a normal horse so the sore is still there. I put medicine on it everyday (I rotate between several potions, lotions and creams) but to no avail. It just wont to heal.

It did close up eventually so even though it was still there I was not freaking out about it because it was not an open wound on his leg. That was until last week and this stupid ice storm.

This is my poor baby’s leg. Notice the blood and puss? Yeah. It sucks. Let me try to describe what is happening. In this picture it just looks like my horse is on some trampled down snow. Which he sort of is. This picture was taken directly in front of the gate in his field, a place where Gen has totally packed down the snow and ice. The problem is that for most of Gen’s field the snow and ice is NOT pushed down. The footing is horrific. At the bottom there is a solid 2 inches of ice from all of the melting and refreezing that has gone on since the storm the day after Christmas.  In the middle there is still a good 8-10 inches of snow. On top there is a good half inch of solid ice. Not strong enough to stand on, but enough to bear weight for a second before you break through.

It is basically the WORST ice snow sandwich ever! Constantly breaking through the ice means that the sides of my horses leg are scraping up against the top layer of ice. Which means that the healed over sore is getting repeatedly scraped and breaking open. It SUCKS! The front of his leg is getting more pissed off with each day and it is starting to swell out of anger. They are only going out for a few hours, but that is enough to make his leg leg angry.

I briefly though about putting the boots back on until the ice goes away, but I have decided against it. I feel like the boot would twist in this wicked footing. Not only that, but having the boot on rubs the sore, so what would I really be preventing? The good thing is that the tendon looks amazing. Nice and hard and tight. It is so impressive especially considering all of the slipping and sliding that goes on in that field! And all of the extra stall time. So I am sure you are asking yourself if this is another thing you hate about ice what was the first thing?

That ladies and gentleman is the driveway to the barn.  It is pretty much a solid two inches of ice. Every time I walk it I hate ice more and more! I have only slipped and fallen once, which I think is pretty good considering. I went to three sports stores yesterday looking for yack tracks or something similar and they were all sold out!!! At least Gen’s field is right by the barn. I do not envy the barn owners who have to try and walk horses out to the fields on that slippery ice rink! This has been the worst winter for my area in a long time. They are saying we might get another two storms next week. I hope they are wrong. Is it spring yet?


11 thoughts on “Yet another reason to hate ice…

  1. Hmmm. Seems to me it’s “boot for protection” or keep Gen in. It’s like wearing new shoes and having them rub a blister. Put boots on Gen if he’s turned out. Boots for temporary protection rather than 24/7.

    As for you, look up YakTrax on Google. They attach to any shoes or boots and look like cheese grater pieces. The “sharp side” is down and it gives you traction on icy surfaces.

  2. You can get Yak traxx on

    I agree with TBDancer. Sounds like Gen needs to be booted or kept in until the weather improves. Since it’s so gross out, would your BO consider rotating horses out into the indoor at night for a while?

  3. I just had an idea…Why don’t you try some of that liquid bandage stuff. It works really well on human bendy places, why not horses?

    Contrary to other comments, I don’t think you should leave him in. That creates another set of problems. Just keep it clean. The cold will help.

  4. Yikes, that sucks! 😦 Have your barn owners ever heard of SANDING their driveway??? That is a hazard and as a boarding facility it is a lawsuit waiting to happen! Up here in Maine, you can get free sand/salt mix at the local town garage. You just bring your own shovel and container/truck. All it takes is time and effort.

    Good luck with Gen’s leg. 😦 Poor guy! Personally I would not want to leave him in (standing around creates its own set of issues) but that footing is pretty brutal too. Yikes! Thankfully, though we have TONS of snow here, we only got a bit of ice last night so the underneath footing is fine. Deep, yes. But not like what you guys got!

  5. Thankfully we have so much snow right now, any ice that may have existed is long since buried. It’s snowing again today. We havn’t missed a day since that big storm everyone was raving about. Impressive, eh?
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Gen; poor boy.

  6. Oh, poor Gen. I hate injuries that are in places that are hard to heal!
    Luckily we have TONS of snow, but no ice…however, that may change as we are supposed to get wickedly colder this week.
    Check out for stuff I’ve used that stays on pretty well, in those difficult areas.

  7. I am sorry to hear that winter has not been kind to you- It is so hard to have care of horses when the weather is so bad-just another reason why I moved out of the bad winter weather.
    Hopefully it will warm up soon so the ice can melt and you and Gen can go back to normal and do have to worry about ice-Hope Gen heals soon.

  8. My mare didn’t have an injury and we didn’t have an ice storm and she still came in with a boo-boo on her leg last night 😦 Darn winter!

    So I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere for a while and missed the back story, so forgive me if this was already ruled out. Last winter a horse in my care developed a sore under her chin. I called the vet when it didn’t show improvement in a few days, but he said to just keep cleaning it and it would heal. Six months later I sent her “home” and she STILL had the sore. Eventually it developed a nasty MRSA infection (I don’t think they cleaned it as well as I did) and she went to the university hospital. Turns out she had a 3 1/2″ wire embedded in her jaw. The whole time we thought she just wouldn’t heal. Maybe every vet in the country has already thoroughly investigated it, but I only mention it in case it’s one of those “Never thought of that” things (which this was for us!).

    Hope he heals soon and your ice melts even faster!

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