I didn’t get to see Gen yesterday…

but I feel like I have a pretty good excuse as to why…

I am really glad I put snow shoes on Gen, but I am worried about him going back out. I can totally see my boy jazzed from not going out yesterday being stupid outside. I am half hoping the barn doors are frozen so he can’t go out (they have people doors in the hay shed which is connected so people can go in, but I don’t think Gen could fit through that). I guess I have to just trust that Gen will not be stupid. Man, I really don’t know if I can trust in that! Let go and let God right? Is it spring yet?


8 thoughts on “I didn’t get to see Gen yesterday…

  1. Our barn doors have been frozen shut for a couple weeks now … all our horses will walk out through the small people door and hallway. I’m always amazed by how good they are because they have to walk through a 6ft hallway that is only as wide as the door to get out, but they do just fine. We had to do that for over a month last year when the whole barn was snowed in. At least we know we can get them out if we have to!

    I can’t decide whether I hope the horses get out today or not. We have ice like yours … the drive and pastures are several inches thick. It did snow on top of it so there’s a little traction, but it’s still slick underneath. Fortunately, Ace won’t do anything but stand in his paddock and eat all day and he doesn’t have shoes so he should be fine.

    I can totally understand being worried about Gen … he is prone to act like a nut in the pasture and that’s a hard chance to take with his leg. Although, remember how good he was when he first started going out without his boots? He knew he had to be careful then. Hopefully he’ll recognize that now too with the ice.

  2. God, I’m counting down the days! Amazing pictures. You should consider going into photography for a career. Maybe after you’ve opened up your horse-related confections business 🙂

  3. We had ice like that a few years ago. People were coming down the incline on our street on the seat of their pants. Our collie was slip-sliding all over the place when she tried to go outside. My husband used ski poles to try and break through the ice so he could walk up to the store. The shelves in the grocery store were quite bare before it was over. Nasty stuff.

  4. That ice is amazing. Glad you stayed home instead of going out into it.

    Gen is one smart horse, he’s not going to be stupid about ice under his feet. Even my silly colts when they’ve been cooped up, feel that ice and their attitude changes and believe me there’s nothing dumber than young cooped up colts swimming in testosterone.

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