What is the one thing in the world that can cheer me up like no other?

No, these are not all mine...but I wish they were 😛


So as you can clearly see from my last posts I am in a total funk. Thank you all so much for your kind words, suggestions and thoughts, but I have a feeling that the only person who can pull me out of this funk is me. I have been writing a daily blog about my equestrian life for over three years now. In all of that time I don’t know if I have ever been as disappointed in myself as I was last Saturday.  I try very hard to be as honest as possible in my blog. I wanted to share my low because I want to share every part of my journey, not just the good stuff. I find fake blogs very annoying, and there are unfortunately a lot of them out there. You all know the type. They go on and on about how much they love their barn, trainer, or horse and then all of a sudden one day they write a post about how their barn is being investigated by the ASPCA, their trainer is in jail for animal abuse and they sold their horse (okay, that is a bit dramatic, but you get what I am trying to say).

I have lost my confidence. I don’t know why or even when it happened, but I went from the person who loved to ride with others to a total hermit. I am such a confident person in my normal life, that loosing that when it comes to riding is an even bigger blow for me than for most. I LOVED Barbara’s comment to me. While I might feel like I am free falling when it comes to horses right now all I need is a good half halt. I need to sit up, rebalance, take a breath and focus so I can go forward again even better than I was before. Bear with me as it might take a lot of half halts before I finally get the forward that I want!

In WAY more fun news I got something in the mail yesterday that cheered me up a lot. I got an invitation to the year end awards banquet for the fun show series I went to this summer! I know you wont believe me, but even my ribbon whore self had forgotten all about these awards! It was such a great surprise. When I went to get the mail and saw hot pink envelope I could not figure out what it was for. When I opened it I got a huge smile on my face because it was the invite for the banquet. Isn’t it funny how sometimes life gives you a pick me up right when you need it?

I still love the fact that Phoenix and I kicked enough butt in the trail class that we did to score me enough point to get 5th place in the “Senior Western Horsemanship Division”. I love this show grounds! We even got fourth in the pleasure division, which had a TON of people in it. The other shows at this place were the ones where I borrowed my friends Pinto Warmblood to do the In Hand classes. We ended up getting 5th in that and my friend kicked butt and won champion with her hose in the equitation division. The awards ceremony and three giant ribbons are just what I need for a moral boost! Even though I didn’t get any year end awards in dressage it is good to know that I can always do trail 😛  I promise that I will try to be more positive, but I also promise to keep it real.


9 thoughts on “What is the one thing in the world that can cheer me up like no other?

  1. As a fellow blogger who I’m afraid has been keeping it all too real for all to long in her blog, you are not being a downer. I don’t post regularly or as much these days but I read you always and to me it feels like the midwinter blues.

    We are all bored, suffering from cabin fever, too much shoveling snow and avoiding the cold which goes against participating in our favorite outdoor sport. For the first time in over 10 years I have an indoor arena available to ride in, and I STILL find excuses to stay home. Just – sad, I know.

    I like to think if I had a new horse I’d be out there riding as much as I could get away with but the truth is, this weather is a major buzzkill and I know I’d be a wimp and stay home.

    The awards dinner sounds like just the boost you need to get you in the mood to set a few goals. Go. Have fun and tell us all about it!

  2. Do keep it real. Blogging is no good for anything if it isn’t real. The highs aren’t as much fun to share if your fellow bloggers haven’t seen the lows and the hard work. I think this really applies to us horsey bloggers.
    Enjoy the banquet. 🙂

  3. Ok, I’m no expert, I don’t even ride (my daughter does) but I love your blog. Can you ride the schoolmaster for fun a couple of times a week instead of just in a lesson? It might bring the joy back into riding when you’re just hacking around doing what you want to do instead of concentrating on so many different things when you’re taking a lesson?? Have a great time at the banquet.

  4. You know you are a good rider and can ride any horse. You love the show grounds where you did the fun shows. You love getting ribbons. Why not take a break from dressage and just do the fun shows this year? No pressure. Just a break. Go do all those fun classes, grab up a bunch of ribbons and maybe even some year end prizes and think about dressage next year after you spend a year HAVING FUN! Seriously, these open shows/fun shows have some awesome year end stuff. Did you see this post of mine? http://mx-paints.blogspot.com/2010/11/perks-of-horse-showing.html We totally cleaned up and you could do the same. I bet the schoolmaster would have a blast doing classes like that and it would be a nice break for him too.

  5. I think lots of people appreciate your honesty. Its the difference between reading an intriguing and well written novel and people magazine. One pulls you in and locks you there for the high times and the low, and the other may be fun to read on occasion, but eventually all the happy gooeyness just makes you feel sick. I think its the low times that make a good story… well good. (My apologies, I never claimed to be articulate ;P) Without them, would there really be a story?

  6. I agree with Katja. This “journey” is like a rollercoaster ride–highs and lows and a heck of a rush from time to time. And yes, some moments of feeling all “upside down,” too. I haven’t ridden for more than a year (I’ve got a car in the garage with a dead battery. THAT has been a year, too). There is just a lot on my plate, and I don’t have time or inclination to deal with a lot of stuff. Priorities change, too. Eventually I’ll get back to “before” and you will too.

    Writing is cathartic, too. Gets it all “out there” so you can edit sentences and make sense of everything. Keep up the blog posts. We all have been where you are (and are where you are right now, too).

  7. I appreciate your honesty- everyone goes through bumps along their journey. We are all human-we make mistakes, get down on ourselves and have bad days. Be patient with yourself and know that this is part of the process. The best thing about horses is that they are patient and our best teachers. Remember why you love to ride and go back to that and you will never go wrong. The most important thing is to have fun with your horse

  8. I’m glad you have some ribbons to look forward to. That’s pretty cool and there’s nothing wrong with being a ribbon “whore” as you call it, although maybe that word makes it sound like something bad. Ribbons are goals and we all need those in one way or another. Looking forward to seeing those ribbons.

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