That’s It! I am moving to Arizona!!!

So I tease my parents pretty relentlessly about them living in Arizona. I mean, who want want to live in a place where if the snakes don’t kill you, your neighbors will! And 110 degrees is just another day in the summer. Since Gen and I tend to be cold weather folk, living in Arizona was just never a thought. With several feet of snow already this winter, a storm that dropped 17 inches in a day yesterday, and many weeks until spring I am starting to rethink that. Maybe we could learn to love the heat? Especially since from your comments it is not normal to have barns charging $900 a month for a stall with an indoor.

This is starting to look pretty nice! I mean, look at this place. I couldn’t even get a one bed room condo in my area for this price. In Arizano not only could I get a nice home (way nicer than ANYTHING I could afford by me) but I would have 40 acres of wild desert to turn in to a pony paradise. At that small purchase price I could Fence in 10+ acres, get Gen a mini horse to play and build a barn. I could even get a fancy barn with built in fans and solar power. With so much space to play around in I could build a nice arena, heck, I could build two arenas. I would of course need to get a second horse. And I would have to make my place trailer accessible because I would be living in the middle of no where so I would need to be able to host clinics and shows at my place for all 4 people that would show up. And since I am going to be having so many events I should have my own little barn for Gen, the mini and my three other horses (did I say 3? I guess if I have the space I might as well fill up the barn right?) and a separate barn for people to trailer in to. Man this is sounding nice.

Of course there would be the teeny tiny problem of getting Gen to Arizona. I mean, just the though of a 10 minute trailer ride is enough to scare me. Driving across the country might be a bit much. That is assuming of course I could even get Gen in the trailer because my little munchkin might be a bit hard to sell on the whole living in the desert thing. He does hate the heat…and the sun. He is also pretty big on grass. One of his great joys in life is eating and rolling his way through plush grass fields until he destroys them. That would be hard to take away from him. In fact, Gen doesn’t really like hay. He only eats it because he is bored. I don’t know if he could live without grass.

And then the is the small problem of mountain lions, maybe a mini horse would not be the best idea. Gen would want to make friends with all the little creatures out there. He is smart enough to not make friends with snakes right? Oh wait…no…I take that back. His bff a few summers ago was a family of snakes living in his water trough. Every horse knows to avoid things with stingers right? Or spiders no matter how fluffy they look? It has to be down somewhere in the horsey hand book to have common sense about small creatures…right? Oh and cactus. I forgot all about cactus. I can totally see my ichy horse thinking it is a great idea to scratch himself on the itching post made by God. Yeah, that wouldn’t go over so well. It would add nicely to his facial scars though.

That is of course not even mentioning the heat. Gen is not exactly what you call a hot weather horse. Even without loads of humidity you just look at him over 8o degrees and his will break into a full blown sweat. With strong sun you can see him start to get warm at around 70. Hmmmm…maybe Arizona is not such a good idea. If I can think of 100 ways for my horse to kill himself off the top of my head there must be millions of ways for him to actually do it. If my pony can’t live in Arizona I can’t live in Arizona. All well. It was a fun day dream to have before I went to scrape the ice off my car!


8 thoughts on “That’s It! I am moving to Arizona!!!

  1. LOL! That was a quick full circle. The older I get the less the wonder of the changing seasons appeals to me. I need to find a place with 3 seasons and a token day of winter.

  2. I love Arizona. When my daughter went to college there she was going to bring her horse with her but on further investigation the barns were not what she thought would be good for him. No turnout during the day-only night because of the heat. He ate sweet feed at the time and they don’t have that there, it goes bad in the heat. No grass. But they did have water misters in some of the stalls to keep the horses cool.

    On the other hand people and horses live and survive there so it’s just a matter of getting used to living a different way. If it weren’t for the extreme heat and snakes I’d probably live there.

  3. I can’t stand the desert. The scorpions scare me, the tarantulas when they migrate freak me out. Here’s a photo of one that I came across while I was at work in the Carefree, AZ area:

    I always feel dirty from the constant dust. On top of that, what would my horse graze on? I would have to buy hay all the time, year round and it ain’t cheap out there!

    I like our life in Kentucky thank you very much…

  4. Funny post! I happen to live in AZ. I’m a tranplant from PA. Hubby got sick of icy roads and frozen car door locks. I have gotten used to the lifestyle out here. I don’t care for the summers, but the winters can’t be beat! And being able to ride year round is a huge bonus! Our horses have 2&1/2 acres to roam on and know to stand in the shade when it’s hot. Also remember our humidity is so low that it really doesn’t feel that hot until you get to 100 degrees. Bermuda grass is kind of expensive…about $12 a bale…but they are the large 3-string bales…about 100 lbs apiece. Alfalfa is much cheaper and yes, we do have sweet feed. Although we never feed it. We prefer beet pulp. Our big Holsteiner/Arab cross does quite nicely here. My hubby rides endurance so we get to travel far and wide. There are many nice places in this state where there is grazing available. Also it is always much cooler in the mountains. There is a lot of grazing land with REAL grass down in the Sonoita area near that nice property you found. If you ever decide to head on out here you will find tons of horse people, and lots of training barns. Btw-the tarantulas avoid people like the plague…but I still get freaked out by rattlesnakes!

  5. Yknow, one of the bigger trainers/riders up here winters in Arizona every year. I think that would be absolutely ideal if I could do it financially — I mean, just think: warm weather and blue skies in January! Sure, it’s like 50-60, but that’s WARM! No snow! Sigh. I’m so tired of cold, wet, grey weather. Hey, if you bought that place, could I come winter with you? *grin* Rev and Gen would get along great, and I could help with the bills for a few months. 😉

  6. That area would be one of the most likely to have grass!

    We’re building a 6 horse barn on our 4.13 acres/2600 sq ft house in Tucson, and purchase price + house fixing + barn building + 2 acre run off the stall will probably total about what that house cost. Less land, but also more convenient location for my work.

    Misters and shade in the summer bring the temperature down a LOT as long as you have air flow, and mornings are wonderful for riding! I’m considering having my horse snake trained or something, as he’s not the least bit concerned with the non-poisonous snakes we’ve seen. I’m concerned he won’t be afraid of rattlers, either!

    Mountain lions aren’t generally a problem in populated areas, really, and the bobcats who run around our barn are CUTE! 🙂

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