I think I would be a perfect mini horse owner…

So I love miniature anything. Growing up I used to have a collection of miniatures. In a odd little display case I had everything from a bedroom set the size of my thumb to a one inch puzzle that was 100 pieces. I prefer a good slider over a burger any day. I just love all things pint size, which is why I have always wanted a miniature horse.

I think it would be so much to have a mini all of my own. I would want a tiny show quality one, preferably black of course (you know I am never going to get a black horse because I want one so bad) to call my own. I would brush it and love it. I know that part of the fun of having a horse is being able to ride, but having my giant lawn ornament has taught me that you can still have lots of fun with a horse from the ground.

I would love to show my Mini. Last year I learned that showing in hand is a total blast and I have always wanted to learn how to drive so a mini would be a perfect fit for me. Plus, as spoiled as my pony is he does have excellent ground manners so I know that unlike 90% of the minis out there mine would behave! Too bad that I don’t have my own place. I just couldn’t justify paying board on a mini, cute as they are! I know that Gen would love his own pony. Maybe someday…


15 thoughts on “I think I would be a perfect mini horse owner…

  1. I have a friend who is into dreaming about owning a black horse too someday. My first experience with a black horse was not particularly good so maybe that’s why I haven’t ever dreamed of owning one although I do love the Black Stallion by Farley.

    Funny thing is I do own a black horse. One of the twins. She didn’t get to be very big at 14 hands but she is a dynamo. She is very sweet. The point is, it didn’t really want a black horse so that’s probably how come I ended up with one. Life seems to work in those ways sometimes.

    I can just see Gen playing with a mini.

  2. I never understood why people wanted minis, but now that I’ve babysat Carolyn’s, I want six. LOL. Also, can I have the password for your other post? You can email it 🙂 Please?

  3. I want one too – although the only one I’ve met in person was a trouble making pita lol. This may be a dumb question, but can you trailer a full sized horse and a mini at the same time? Love that picture 🙂

    What’s the deal with the password?!

  4. Hi, I have a friend who has 3 minis one of which is a stallion. She enjoys showing the stallion. Given the choice I would take the horse. You know what breed has an amazing personality – Haflinger. I own two and there is never a dull moment – very affectionate too. Would you email me the password? Thanks.

  5. omg….go visit my blog. We just got, well my BO, got the cutest MINI ever!!!!!!!!!!! he is currently now bff w/ Laz!! I love him and am going to mini nap him during the summer to city graze in my backyard. kidding. maybe!

  6. As for the trailering question, yes you can as long as there is a partition separating them. we haul our minis with my show horse often and they do just fine 🙂

  7. i love that it is soooo cute i wish i had my horse but she is dead now [sniff sniff] i miss her soooooooooooo much love you roxy

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